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At War with the Mystics is the eleventh album by the Flaming Lips. It was released on April 3, 2006, in international markets, and April 4, 2006, in the United States. The album is more guitar-driven and features more politically themed lyrics than The Soft Bulletin and Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. "The Wizard Turns On…" won a 2006 Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance and Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical. The album was nominated for the Best Alternative Album… read more



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  • sls
    album title always makes me think of chrono trigger [3]
  • Honestly one of my favs
  • Jesus Goddamn Christ, why is this album mastered so fucking loud?!? "Best Engineered Album" my ass.
  • From the opener of Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots: "I don't know where the sunbeams end and the starlights begin, it's all a mystery; and I don't know how a man decides what's right for his own life, it's all a mystery..." From the opener of this: "YEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAH"
  • TLDR; listen to this entire album while smoking weed
  • it's like anything before this album never happened, or at least existed in an alternate form. a completely new and fresh take on an already fantastic group. some of it reminds me of the meandering complexity of soft bulletin yet in a more concentrated way, almost polar is a sense. The thick, full parts engage you in full force and are offset in just the right way by the more reserved songs, changing between the two at just the right time and occasionally within he same song; its certainly an album meant to be heard in it's entirety. anyway, fuck shit up and get laid.
  • Really diggin' the vibe of this album :)
  • i really don't understand why people say this is their worst, i think it's one of their best.
  • it's sad, cause the good songs on here are really good, but the bad songs are so bad. even including the first 3 albums, this is their worst release
  • it master-slaves me.... the genius is incomprehensible: one day people will set this album beside bitches brew, sticky fingers, wish you were here, and revolver, is a truly great masterpiece

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