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  • After Forever

    (282,682 listeners)

    gothic metal, symphonic metal, female fronted metal, metal

    After Forever is the title of a number of bands and projects. #1 After Forever (Netherlands) Dutch metal band that was previously named Apocalypse when they were first formed in 1995. They can be described as a symphonic metal band with influences from classical music, doom metal, gothic metal, power metal and progressive metal.

  • Backwater

    (1,507 listeners)

    thrash metal, speed metal, heavy metal, alternative metal

    There are at least 3 bands with the name Backwater: (1) Backwater (Germany) Thrash Metal band formed in 1981 who released two full-length albums: "Revelation" (1984) and "Final Strike" (1986). Changed name to Tai Pan, releasing "Slow Death" (1995), and then changed their name again to X-Ray, under which they released "Dehumanized" (1996).

  • De Dijk

    (48,107 listeners)

    dutch, nederlandstalig, nederpop, rock

    De Dijk is a dutch band from Amsterdam & Zaandam. Their style can be described as a mix of soul, blues and rock. The group is named after the Zeedijk street in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

  • De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig

    (88,981 listeners)

    hip-hop, dutch, nederhop, rap

    De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig ("The Youth Of Today") is a hip-hop group formed in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 2005.

  • GEM

    (35,052 listeners)

    dutch, indie, rock, indie rock

    There are at least three bands called GEM (or Gem): 1. GEM is a rock band from Utrecht, The Netherlands. 2. Gem is a 1990s band from Ohio with members from Guided By Voices, Doug Gillard and Tim Tobias. 3. GEM (Girls Entertainment Mixture) are a Japanese idol group and are the 3rd group to stem from iDOL Street. Sister group of SUPER☆GiRLS and Cheeky Parade.(PLEASE! CORRECT TAG TO GEM )

  • Half Past Midnight

    (15 listeners)

    seen live

  • head-shot

    (47 listeners)

    nu-metal, rapcore

    Headshot are a 5 piece Thrash band from Braunschweig/Lower Saxony in Germany. Combining the sound of 80's bay area thrash with the groove of 90's style of Thrash. Line up Andi Bruer - vocals Olaf Danneberg - guitar Henrik Osterloh - guitar Stefan - bass

  • Kraak & Smaak

    (203,847 listeners)

    electronic, funk, dance, dutch

    2013 looks set to be another stellar year for Kraak & Smaak with The Future Is Yours - the debut single from their forthcoming album Chrome Waves hitting the # 1 spot in the DMC Buzz Chart, being crowned Tune of the Month in Mixmag and being supported by tastemakers from London To Los Angeles and back to Amsterdam.

  • Krezip

    (134,740 listeners)

    rock, dutch, female vocalists, pop

    Krezip was a Dutch rock band from Tilburg, Netherlands, formed in 1997 and disbanded in 2009. It is notable for the band members' young ages during their original breakthrough.

  • Lange Frans & Baas B

    (19,960 listeners)

    hip-hop, nederhop, dutch, rap

    Lange Frans & Baas B ("Tall Frans & Boss B") was a Dutch hip hop duo. Both Lange Frans (alias of Frans Frederiks) and Baas B (alias of Bart Zeilstra) grew up in Diemen, Netherlands.

  • Lpg

    (10,756 listeners)

    indie, rock, pop, dutch

    LPG is a name of at least three groups: 1) A Dutch band, influenced by legends 60s & 70s legends (inc' The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Velvet Underground & Neil Young) & the likes of: Beck, The Beta Band, Blur, Pavement, The Shins & Sufjan Stevens. They make catchy pop songs, with surprising twists. They are also involved in creating their artwork, merchandise & promotion.

  • Nits

    (30,755 listeners)

    dutch, pop, 80s, indie pop

    Nits, formerly The Nits (and sometimes labeled as such today in some releases), are a Dutch art rock group, founded in 1974 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Their musical style has varied considerably over the years, as has their line-up with the core of Henk Hofstede (the group's lead singer and lyricist), Rob Kloet, drummer, Robert Jan Stips (Supersister, Gruppo Sportivo, Golden Earring), keyboards.

  • Pete Philly & Perquisite

    (71,934 listeners)

    hip-hop, dutch, jazz, hip hop

    Vocalist Pete Philly and producer/instrumentalist Perquisite met up for the first time in 2002 in Amsterdam, where both were living.

  • Racoon

    (164,082 listeners)

    dutch, rock, pop, alternative

    Racoon is a Dutch pop-rock band founded in 1997 in Goes, Zeeland. Bart van der Weide (vocals) and Dennis Huige (guitar) were fed up with the sound of their hardcore rockband Vic'tem and decided to go acoustic.

  • Rowwen Hèze

    (19,415 listeners)

    dutch, limburg, folk, nederlandstalig

    Rowwen Hèze is a dutch band with frontman Jack Poels from America, Netherlands in the southern province Limburg. The band is well known for its poetic lyrics and partysongs in the Limburg dialect. They're strongly influenced by tex-mex and polka music.

  • Sarah Bettens

    (69,659 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, female vocalists, rock, belgian

    Sarah Bettens (born September 23rd, 1972 in Kapellen, Belgium) is the lead singer of the Belgian band K's Choice. She is known for her enigmatic, smoky, raspy, husky voice. Her EP "Go" was released in 2004; she released an album "Scream" in 2005, which was followed by the release of "Shine" in 2007.

  • Silence is Sexy

    (14,049 listeners)

    indie, dutch, rock, alternative rock

    ‘..Silence Is Sexy brings nicely polished postpunk-songs. Very contemporary, with references to Editors and The Bravery.' (Gijsbert Kamer, Volkskrant 24-12-2005) www.silenceissexy.nl www.silenceissexy.bandcamp.com

  • Textures

    (93,828 listeners)

    progressive metal, math metal, technical metal, death metal

    In 2003, the year of the launch of TEXTURES’debut album Polars, the first reactions start to stream in: “This is the best metal album that’s ever come out of the Netherlands” according to the Dutch music magazine Oor. The standard is set.

  • The Bloody Honkies

    (802 listeners)

    rock, garage, zxzw, dutch

    The Bloody Honkies - The only true story Founded in a magic barn somewhere in the far east of Holland at the German border late 2005: Four soul brothers started playing. Loud, with a lot of love for the Holy trinity of rock 'n roll and a lack of respect for any convention. These boys felt the need to spread their own Gospel.

  • The Feromones

    (278 listeners)

    synthpop, 80s, new wave, synth pop

    please all vote for merging this page with "Feromones", without "the", because the band changed it's name.

  • The Shavers

    (546 listeners)

    rock, dutch, rock and roll, halvarine

    The Shavers (1996-2006) (2009 - 2011) are a Dutch Surf-Rockabilly trio. With only one guitar, drums and a singer, brothers Cock de Jong and Theo de Jong together with Johannes de Boom (artist name of Hans Boomsma) formed an unique band.

  • Transworld

    (135 listeners)

    photographed, parelpop, seen live

  • Treble

    (7,228 listeners)

    pop, eurovision, dutch, female vocalists

    Treble is a band consisting of three Dutch girls: Caroline Hoffman (1975), Djem van Dijk (1987) and her older sister Niña van Dijk (1985).

  • Wheel

    (1,455 listeners)

    doom metal, traditional doom metal, german, epic doom metal

    WHEEL was formed in 2006 under the name ETHEREAL SLEEP by Marcus and Arkadius, former members of the Power Metal Band AVANITAS from Dortmund, and Benjamin, former member Dortmund's Thrashers McDEATH. The common goal of the trio was to create old school, heavy, emotional music different from their former bands and so traditional Doom Metal was the only logical consequence.

  • Within Temptation

    (957,640 listeners)

    symphonic metal, gothic metal, female fronted metal, metal

    Within Temptation is a Dutch symphonic metal band formed in 1996 in Waddinxveen, Netherlands. The group consists of Sharon den Adel (vocals), Robert Westerholt (guitars), Jeroen van Veen (bass), Martijn Spierenburg (keyboards), Ruud Adrianus Jolie (guitars), Mike Coolen (drums) and Stefan Helleblad (guitars).