Grindcore is a fast, dissonant, extreme style of music that typically fuses crust punk with thrash metal and the fastest, most vicious varieties of hardcore. Songs are high-tempo, short, with low-tuned guitars, blastbeats, and vocal styles which range from yelling, to low-pitched growls, to high-pitched shrieks. The guitar style tends to have punkier scuzzy chord riffing than the cleaner, more technical and precise death metal-grindcore/deathgrind fusion that came later. Read more…|Edit this Artist photo: The Number Twelve Looks Like You

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Wednesday 27 May 2015
Primitive Man
JJ’s Bohemia
Chattanooga, United States
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Black Sheep Wall
Colombian NecktieConcert
1919 Hemphill
Fort Worth, Tx, United States
32.722973 -97.331248
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Phobia, Nekrofilth, Grave RitualConcert
New Orleans, LA, New Orleans, United States
29.969009 -90.055918

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Primitive Man
The Demo
St Louis, United States
38.627557 -90.252001
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Sucker Punch
Chrome Lounge
Omaha, United States

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Sucker Punch & Boneyard at the Chrome Lounge
Sucker Punch, BoneyardConcert
Chrome Lounge
Omaha, United States
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  • Manic-Insanity

    Goregrind and "Pornogrind". I don't even know there exists such a thing as "Pornogrind". Goregrind is focused on gore stuff, and Grindcore is more focused on political terms, so I don't know why early Carcass is named as the foundation of this genre, there lyrics are mostly gore related... So in fact it is Goregrind.

    Monday evening
  • CriticalSwitch

    Grindcore is much more like brutalized punk and is hardly "trve" metal. "trve" metal is shit for pussies.

    Friday evening
  • metaloly999

    metal + punk ? I thought this genre is totally "trve" metal.

    11 days ago
  • Evilmolit


    14 days ago
  • AnaalForsage

    Grindcore grew out of crust and anarcho-punk, which explains the leftist lyrics. Goregrind and pornogrind are pretty politically incorrect though.

    18 days ago
  • Hellsparrowbass

    25 days ago
  • MeerRauschen

    Is grindcore death metal for SJW's? [2] Fuckin' liberals.

    last month
  • SocialDarwinist

    Is grindcore death metal for SJW's?

    last month
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