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Grindcore is a fast, dissonant, extreme style of music that typically fuses with and the fastest, most vicious varieties of . Songs are high-tempo, short, with low-tuned guitars, blastbeats, and vocal styles which range from yelling, to low-pitched growls, to high-pitched shrieks. The guitar style tends to have punkier scuzzy chord riffing than the cleaner, more technical and precise -grindcore/ fusion that came later.

Incorrectly, many "heavy" sounding bands will often get labeled… read more

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  • Avatar for RomanEfremov
    Suicide Silence in the top 10?! I wish Mitch Lucker died twice for this.
  • Avatar for duartemartinho
  • Avatar for Celuloose
    shit > nasum
  • Avatar for AnaalForsage
    People need to stop tagging shitty deathcore bands as grindcore.
  • Avatar for mikenike925
    faith no more. best grindcore band
  • Avatar for Sanity_Theorist
    All the grindcore I know would make SJWs cry, and I drink their tears. Anal Nosorog and Amphibian are probably the funniest bands in this style!
  • Avatar for Pheneks
    "Is grindcore death metal for SJW's?" Nah, because SJWs are so far left, they're almost indistinguishable from Nazis. I'd say, grindcore is like death metal (even though it's not death metal at all) for libertarians.
  • Avatar for Manic-Insanity
    Goregrind and "Pornogrind". I don't even know there exists such a thing as "Pornogrind". Goregrind is focused on gore stuff, and Grindcore is more focused on political terms, so I don't know why early Carcass is named as the foundation of this genre, there lyrics are mostly gore related... So in fact it is Goregrind.
  • Avatar for CriticalSwitch
    Grindcore is much more like brutalized punk and is hardly "trve" metal. "trve" metal is shit for pussies.
  • Avatar for metaloly999
    metal + punk ? I thought this genre is totally "trve" metal.

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