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  • 15 Times Dead

    (81 listeners)

    heavy metal, sludge metal, stoner metal, under 2000 listeners

    15 Times Dead originally formed as a 5 piece in 2004 and quickly cemented their place as one of the must see bands of the Glasgow, Scotland metal scene. They’ve taken influences from some of the major rock and metal bands of the past thirty years to create their own sound and style, with brain pummelling riffs so heavy and chunky that their fans proudly label it Girth Metal.

  • 9XDEAD

    (114 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, hard rock, gothic rock

    About the Dead From a land steeped in harsh industrial history and ancient myth comes a new sound, a new attitude and a new force in dark music. 9xDead with a history of growth, rebirth and reinvention spanning a decade and a sound spanning genre's 9xDead explore the depths of depravity inherent in the human soul a musical mirror to the blackened hearts of the musicians within.

  • Airbourne

    (352,172 listeners)

    hard rock, rock, australian, rock n roll

    Airbourne is a rock and roll band from Warrnambool, Australia. The band was formed in 2003 by brothers Joel and Ryan O'Keefe (who were later joined by David Roads and Justin Street), who have grown up with a healthy respect for the fine art that is ''foot to the floor rock n' roll''.

  • Attica Rage

    (2,966 listeners)

    heavy metal, thrash metal, metal, hard rock

    ATTICA RAGE was formed in Glasgow, Scotland in 2003 by Ayrshire brothers Richie Rage and Jonny Parr [vocals, guitar] with Big C . The line-up was completed in 2007 by Stevie Bell with Colin Wilson replacing Big C in January 2012.

  • Battleaxe

    (1,980 listeners)

    nwobhm, heavy metal, 80s, oldschool

    And so it was that from the ashes of the Warrior there was formed a mighty Battleaxe… So runs the ancient legend. Sometimes legends can be true. Sometimes legends can be modern. From the ashes of a band called Warrior there came Battleaxe.

  • Belligerence

    (2,531 listeners)

    czech, death metal, black death metal, metal

    There are at least 2 bands with this name: 1) czech death metal band 2) country band from USA 1)

  • Blaze Bayley

    (15,539 listeners)

    heavy metal, metal, british, nwobhm

    Blaze Bayley (Bayley Alexander Cook), is an English heavy metal singer/song writer, born 29th of May, 1963. He is currently a member of Wolfsbane, he is also the former singer of the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden. Blaze Bayley has released 6th studio albums to date, as well as 2 live albums and 2 DVDs.

  • Blind Ambition

    (74 listeners)

    heavy metal

  • Diamond Head

    (145,455 listeners)

    heavy metal, nwobhm, hard rock, metal

    Diamond Head are a British heavy metal band formed in 1976 in Stourbridge, England. They were one of the leading members of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) and are acknowledged by later bands like Metallica and Megadeth as an important early influence.

  • Die So Fluid

    (20,702 listeners)

    female vocalists, alternative rock, rock, metal

    Die So Fluid are the modern incarnation of a ‘power trio’. Their sound is a harmonic mixture of metal riffs, post-punk eclecticism and bittersweet grungesque melody. They are part of the first wave of bands to turn down signing a traditional record deal and embrace the changes the internet has made to the industry by stripping record companies of their distribution and promotion monopolies.

  • Elixir

    (8,607 listeners)

    nwobhm, heavy metal, new wave of british heavy metal, epic metal

    There is more than one band called Elixir. -A British heavy metal band -A UK trip-hop group - An alternative rock / modern rock band from Canada. Pre-Versus The Nothing

  • Elysion

    (22,084 listeners)

    gothic metal, female fronted metal, greek, metal

    Two Bands (Greek Dark/Gothic Metal & Swedish opera/pop-duo) Finnish Dj (Drum & Bass) 2006-present

  • Enforcer

    (23,937 listeners)

    heavy metal, speed metal, thrash metal, swedish

    There are multiple artists with this name: 1. Enforcer is a Heavy Metal band formed in 2004 in Arvika, Sweden.

  • Enuff Z'NuffUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (57,105 listeners)

    hard rock, hair metal, glam rock, glam metal

    Enuff Z'Nuff is a power pop/hard rock band that was formed in 1984 in Blue Island, Illinois, United States by Chip Z'Nuff (bass) and Donnie Vie (vocals).

  • Evil Scarecrow

    (1,320 listeners)

    black metal, british metal, comedy metal, metal

    Evil Scarecrow are a Parody Metal band from Nottingham, England. Their current line up is the 5th generation of crows since the band started out life in Boston, Lincolnshire at the turn of the millennium, previous line ups included Frenzy G.

  • Fatal Smile

    (3,745 listeners)

    hard rock, heavy metal, metal, swedish

    At a time when Swedish hard rock is undergoing a rebirth of sorts, many bands are staking their claim to a piece of the action. Stockholm's FATAL SMILE have more to offer than most and are only too happy to prove that to anybody prepared to listen.

  • FM

    (32,285 listeners)

    aor, hard rock, progressive rock, 80s

    There are at least 6 known projects going by the name FM: 1) FM UK - FM are a melodic rock band formed in 1984. Line-up: Steve Overland - Vocals & Guitar / Merv Goldsworthy - Bass / Pete Jupp - Drums / Jem Davis - Keyboards / Jim Kirkpatrick - Guitar

  • Furyon

    (3,941 listeners)

    heavy metal, hard rock, metal, progressive rock

    Think you know what FURYON are? Think again! Since their inception FURYON have been a band who like nothing more than to challenge expectations.

  • Gentleman's Pistols

    (2,211 listeners)

    stoner rock, hard rock, psychedelic, psychedelic rock

    Gentlemans Pistols are a four piece from Leeds that state their influences as "1968 - 1973". Short, and to the point. This is retro-rock without any distractions.

  • Hardcore Superstar

    (133,568 listeners)

    hard rock, sleaze rock, swedish, rock

    Hardcore Superstar are a hard rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden with heavy sleaze influences. The band was formed in 1997 and have released seven albums to date. Besides a short break, Hardcore Superstar have continuously toured and recorded since their formation.

  • Headrush

    (12 listeners)

    rock, hard rock, metal, glam

    There are three bands under this name : 1) Headrush is a hard rock / heavy metal band HEADRUSH - The Story So Far

  • Helloween

    (588,458 listeners)

    power metal, heavy metal, speed metal, metal

    Helloween is a power/heavy/speed metal band from Germany founded in 1978 by members of Iron Fist and Powerfool, as Gentry. Helloween are known as major innovators of power metal. Members today are: Andi Deris – Vocals,

  • Jaguar

    (14,718 listeners)

    nwobhm, heavy metal, speed metal, british

    There are at least 8 bands called Jaguar: 1) A NWOBHM band formed in Bristol, England who had moderate success throughout Europe and Asia in the early 80's. Further information follows below.

  • Jettblack

    (5,237 listeners)

    hard rock, heavy metal, rock, sleaze rock

    In November 2007 JETTBLACK entered Fortress studios and recorded the blistering self-titled album they knew they were capable of. With Sikth's own Justin Hill and Dan Weller at the helm, something very special has been created.

  • Kobra And The Lotus

    (2,984 listeners)

    heavy metal, female vocalists, hard rock, power metal

    " Imagine Lee Aaron fronting Iron Maiden and you get an idea of what this hard rocking quintet is all about." - Access Magazine 2010.

  • L.A. Guns

    (242,736 listeners)

    hard rock, hair metal, 80s, glam rock

    L.A. Guns is the name of two glam metal groups from Los Angeles, California. One group is led by Guitarist Tracii Guns while the other version is led by Vocalist Phil Lewis & Drummer Steve Riley.

  • Liberty Lies

    (317 listeners)

    hard rock, modern rock, classic rock, rock

    After two years of smoke, the embers are finally bursting into flames. Two years have lead us up to this point. Void of any cliché, actions speak louder than words and we will let the music do the talking.

  • Logan

    (16,942 listeners)

    alternative rock, hard rock, rock, melodic hardcore

    There are at least three artists known as Logan 1. A hard rock band formed in Glasgow in 2003 2. An Argentinian djent/progressive metal solo project https://logandjent.bandcamp.com 3. A Spanish indie band

  • Marseille

    (2,259 listeners)

    nwobhm, heavy metal, russian, mako

    There are multiple artists with the name Marseille: 1. Marseille is the solo project of Youth Novel guitarist and vocalist John Dickinson.

  • Michael Schenker Group

    (139,694 listeners)

    hard rock, heavy metal, classic rock, rock

    The Michael Schenker Group (M.S.G.) is a hard rock band formed in 1979 by the former Scorpions and UFO guitarist Michael Schenker.

  • Mutant

    (5,761 listeners)

    thrash metal, black metal, technical black metal, metal

    1.Mutant is a west London-based thrash metal band who have been going for 4 years. They have had their music on various compilation CDs, and gig regularly.

  • Paul Di'anno

    (59,239 listeners)

    heavy metal, nwobhm, metal, british

    Paul Di'Anno began his professional musical career singing with Iron Maiden in 1978. His style has been described as more punk-influenced than Iron Maiden's following vocalist Bruce Dickinson. Di'Anno left the band after two albums, the reasons for so vary between sources; either leaving by his own will or being sacked due to excessive drug and drinking habits with a conflicting personality .

  • Pretty Boy Floyd

    (89,953 listeners)

    glam metal, hair metal, hard rock, glam rock

  • Pythia

    (12,683 listeners)

    gothic metal, power metal, symphonic power metal, symphonic metal

    Pythia are a symphonic power metal from the United kingdom who were brought together by a love of gothic literature and metal. They are a group of classical and metal inspired musicians who believe that music is a lifestyle that should be lived only by the brave and true of heart.

  • Raising Sand

    (187 listeners)

    classic rock, hard rock

    The first incarnation of RAISING SAND rose from South West London in late 2005, quickly garnering rave reviews in the press and on radio.

  • Saracen

    (2,299 listeners)

    nwobhm, heavy metal, hard rock, progressive rock

    There is more than one band called Saracen: 1) Saracen is NWOBHM band formed in 1976 in Matlock, Derbyshire under the moniker Lammergier. As Lammegier they toured extensively cross the English 'Midlands' during the ensuing years. In 1981 they re-emerged as Saracen, releasing their debut album Heroes, Saint & Fools.

  • Saxon

    (375,005 listeners)

    heavy metal, nwobhm, hard rock, metal

    Saxon is a British heavy metal band, formed in Barnsley, England in 1976. As pioneers of, and at the forefront of the then New Wave of British Heavy Metal the band enjoyed a period of prominence in the UK (including popular chart success) and Europe in the early 1980s, and later the USA and Japan.

  • Scutty Neighbours

    (7 listeners)

    5 piece mess rockers from Bakewell, Derbyshire. Founded in 2006 by a bunch of degenerates outside the now defunct Wine House, this rollercoaster of scuzz and bilge has grown from classic rock to punk rock, punk rock to metal, and metal to thrash. It's now all three.

  • Skid Row

    (665,256 listeners)

    hard rock, heavy metal, hair metal, 80s

    There are at least two artists with this name: 1) An American heavy metal band founded in 1986 formerly fronted by Sebastian Bach. They legally bought the name Skid Row from the Irish band of the same name. 2) An Irish blues rock band founded in 1967, notable as an early band of both Gary Moore and Phil Lynott. A version of this band occasionally tours as Brush Shiels' Skid Row

  • Spartan Warrior

    (1,081 listeners)

    nwobhm, heavy metal, 80s, new wave of british heavy metal

    NWOBHM from Sunderland, UK. Released a couple of albums in the early 80's. Formed in 1980, their first official release came in the form of a split album entitled Pure Overkill, with four other NWOBHM bands, released in 1983. Steel 'n Chains was also released in 1983, followed by the eponymous Spartan Warrior full-length on 1984.

  • Starseed

    (2,156 listeners)

    death metal, technical death metal, atmospheric death metal, metal

    There are multiple artists with this name 1) STARSEED, hard rock band from London, UK 2) STARSEED, atmospheric death metal band from Herten, Germany 3) STARSEED, artist and DJ name of psytrance producer Jeremy Barnes 1) STARSEED UK Based Hard Rock Band confirmed for Download 2011!

  • Stratovarius

    (429,742 listeners)

    power metal, metal, melodic metal, heavy metal

    Stratovarius is a power metal band from Finland. They became more popular in the '90s, and throughout their career have inspired upcoming power metal bands with their baroque arranged keyboard solos & Ritchie Blackmore-like guitar portions.

  • The Slide

    (260 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, chill-out, all ready seen, seen live

  • The Virginmarys

    (17,573 listeners)

    rock, hard rock, garage rock, alternative

    Satellite towns tend to breed big ambitions. Perched on the hills above Manchester, Macclesfield’s principle claim to fame comes in the cult of Ian Curtis. That classic example of the ‘just out of the city’ boy reinforces how big horizons tend to breed big ambitions.

  • Tigertailz

    (60,886 listeners)

    glam metal, hair metal, hard rock, glam rock

    Tigertailz are a glam metal band hailing from Cardiff, Wales. Known as one of the most flamboyantly sleazy groups of their era, they are most famous for their 1990 album 'Bezerk', which made the U.K. Top 40 and spawned three successful singles including the metal anthem "Love Bomb Baby".

  • Toadstool

    (294 listeners)

    jamendo, french, under 2000 listeners, metal

    There are more than one band with the name Toadstool 1. A.R.M. - RIP (1998 - 2003) Early band from the Jarnac Scene. Now play in Café Flesh.

  • UFO

    (339,387 listeners)

    hard rock, classic rock, rock, heavy metal

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1) UFO is a British hard rock/heavy metal band that was formed in 1969, with lead singer Phil Mogg, guitarist Mick Bolton, bassist Pete Way, and drummer Andy Parker. UFO was a transitional band between the rock of Led Zeppelin and the metal to come in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

  • Uriah Heep

    (572,311 listeners)

    classic rock, hard rock, progressive rock, rock

    Uriah Heep is a British rock band, officially formed in 1969 in London, England, when record producer Gerry Bron invited keyboardist Ken Hensley (previously a member of The Gods and Toe Fat) to join Spice, members of whom included soon-to-become Heep stalwarts David Byron (vocals) and Mick Box (guitar).

  • Viking Skull

    (31,350 listeners)

    heavy metal, stoner rock, stoner metal, hard rock

    "Get in, Get Fucked and Get out", these are the 7 words that prompted the existence of Viking Skull.