Eurobeat, as the name implies, is a music genre from Europe. It is a descendant of 80s italo disco (a.k.a. 80s Eurodisco). In the USA, it was sometimes marketed as Hi-NRG. In Japan, the term “Eurobeat” refers to a type of music that spun off from “Hyper techno,” hardcore/rave/techno played at an extremely fast tempo. It was popular in dance clubs in the late 1990’s, and was associated with the Parapara dance style. Edit this Artist photo: Fastway

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  • drdolce

    I love this genre♥

    November 2013
  • tinosoft89


    October 2013
  • zman164


    July 2013
  • BoreanWolf


    September 2012
  • KurayamiShuujin

    well, eurodance is more... dancy i'd say :d

    April 2012
  • Taishaku

    Eurodance has influences from Techno, Eurobeat came from Italo Disco, and it's made in Europe only to be marketed in Japan.

    December 2011
  • gejm

    What's the difference between this and ?

    September 2011
  • SmokinWickerman

    Funny never thought I explored Eurobeat but all my Japanese music seems to tell me otherwise. Say theirs not a heaver genre of euro beat using a lot of guitar tech is there?

    July 2011
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