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Hesitation Marks
Nine Inch Nails

Hesitation Marks



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  • This one is a hell of a grower. It's more Trent's love-letter to his influences; late 70s new wave and 80s electronica, but it's one hell of a love-letter. And heck, it's nice to hear the guy happy on at least some of the tracks.
  • Whenever I see reviews comparing this to The Downward Spiral and The Fragile I'm like "WTF?!". Seriously, it doesn't sound anything like those albums, it's boring and too electronic. Crap
  • At first I hated this album so much, I wanted to vomit, but now I think it has something (I can't understand and describe what it is exactly), that keeps me coming back to it. Yes it's poppy and sometimes dreamy, but is so far from a sellout, good job Trent, thanks! Пиши исчо плиз ;-))
  • The more I listen to "In Two", the better it sounds. The sound of this album is very diverse, there are tracks like "Everything" which sound like part-With Teeth, part-The Slip. Then there's "Satellite" which sound reminiscent to Year Zero and "Find My Way" which feels like an homage to "The Fragile." I can hear little pieces of everything NIN has come from with a new twist. It's definitely worth more than a few listens.
  • criminally underrated
  • As a long time fan, skip everything from Year Zero to this and you'll thank me. Find My Way is boring as fuck, though. Despite i love some tracks and hate others, as an album it's very much worth listening to. 7/10.
  • This album really grew on me. I was expecting something much more like The Slip or even Year Zero, but I learned to appreciate it in a whole new way.
  • Certainly disappointing.
  • It's a good album, but it's a pretty hard album for me to get into. May have to give it like several listens.
  • it's different but unmistakably NIN,the production on this one is on a whole new level !

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