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Filter (stylized as FILTER) is an group formed in 1993 in Cleveland, Ohio by Richard Patrick and guitarist/programmer Brian Liesegang, who later left the band in 1997 to form Ashtar Command with Chris Holmes. Filter has released five studio albums

Their first album, Short Bus, was released in 1995. The album was commercially successful, and included the hit single "Hey Man, Nice Shot". The song was somewhat controversial, as it was seen as capitalizing on the public… read more

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  • Avatar for Candyscar
    I found most things FIlter did after 'Title of record' to be utter garbage. I've heard a few songs from this album and I think it is a massive return to form. Especially loving 'Nothing in my hands' as it invokes that early 90's industrial rock sound from the midwest like Gravity Kills, early NIN,Sister Machine Gun,Stabbing Westward etc... Hanging out with Trent again has obviously rubbed off on Richard in a good way :)
  • Avatar for Hien-divided
    It's a proper Filter come back album. Great record from start to finish. I was really surprised and impressed by the way it sounds, by the way it is produced and mixed. Richard Patrick did it right! Nice album, man! Big and pleasant surprise after disappointing Sister Machine Gun come back ep.
  • Avatar for badassdewi
    The new album on first listen didnt catch my ear - is a bit rough round the edges - but has got much better on more listens (a bit like Deftones 'Gore'). For the first time in a while i think they actually have successfully added a bit more substance rather than the big sleek hooky anthems that they usually shoot for (the polish they usually apply made them a bit homogenous at times). Nothing In My Hands also has the same kind of melody thing near the end as the Title of Record stuff, and that can only be a good thing. I agree on the NIN influence - there is a big "Broken" kinda vibe on some of them, especially with the guitars
  • Avatar for Crystalseth
    Fucking Crazy Eyes!!! Is the shit!!! So impressed with this new album! I salute you Mr. Patrick!!!
  • Avatar for gabylissues
    Since my fav. band is NINE INCH FUCKING NAILS!!! If Filter's sound is too nine inch nails-ish, then I must say Richard Patrick is doing something really good. Because "Crazy Eyes" sounds great to me, best work since a long time ago...
  • Avatar for stella29
    Hm, I think Crazy Eyes requires some deeper consideration than some people are giving it. Obviously, it's Filter and I love it, but I feel like it'll take a while to get really comfortable with it - not that that's the point, of course. It's not supposed to be puppies and rainbows. I mean, I'm on my 4th or 5th listen through today, and it still feels strange to me. I love Mother E, but I'm with Zach216 - the lesser the NIN influence in general, the better. Also, everyone arguing about which album is the best - there is no right answer. But if there were, it would be The Amalgamut ;)
  • Avatar for Zach216
    Can't say I like "Crazy Eyes" at all... If you look Richard Patrick has been reconnecting with his old buddy Reznor & I personally hate Nine Inch Nails. Feels like some of these songs have that kind of influence which is kind of disappointing to me.
  • Avatar for imlost13
    the trouble with angels > title of record > the amalgamut > crazy eyes > the sun comes out tonight > anthems for the damned > short bus
  • Avatar for purefault
    I think "Crazy Eyes" is their best album in a long time. I liked a lot of tracks off their previous two, but this one just feels more cohesive. It's definitely heavy and angry. Probably my 3rd favorite after "Title of Record" and "The Amalgamut".
  • Avatar for ZachargyG
    The new album is solid. For me, track 2 (Nothing in My Hands) is likely the best-for some reason it reminds me a bit of the song Evil Eye by Billy Idol (which is an awesome song). Track 4 is cool too; it's as industrial of a song as I've heard from Filter. Track 10 (Your Bullets) sounds a bit like their older song Clouds, which I always thought was one of their better songs. Those 3 would probably be my favorites from this album after the first few listens.

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