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  • Avatar for calsimon
    marriage eh? bad x`
  • Avatar for sbmox
    mmm boo boo ch ch mmm boo boo ch ch bah ch boop boo
  • Avatar for jakobdorof
    never got the hype for this one. it's nice enough.
  • Avatar for masodikgalamb
  • Avatar for Demiwantscoffee
    Dance with my until I feel all right. ♡
  • Avatar for willteece
    bore me and hold me and cling to my arm
  • Avatar for banas002
    I can change I can change if it helps you fall in love ♫ ♬ sweet
  • Avatar for milesgordon
    Malkamillian, on youtube youll find James Murphy saying eurythmics, Bronski Beat and OMD where inspirations for this song
  • Avatar for tttaco112
    oh yeah, this is good stuff ;'D
  • Avatar for wolvesdan
    FIFA 11
  • Avatar for novemberain27
    beauty of this song is that it can be played 15 times on repeat and still doesn't feel overplayed
  • Avatar for the_last_word
    The spooky keyboards prompted my kids to name this the Halloween Song.
  • Avatar for Malkamillian
    Is it just me, or is this track very OMD?
  • Avatar for alexxwaters
    i love love love it
  • Avatar for Alicia-Famig23
    this relaxes me so much
  • Avatar for z0mbiecakes
    I love this song! I can never get enough of it.
  • Avatar for mcrawford42
    I groom my dog when I hear this song
  • Avatar for RhondaandPeco
    Nice, cool, erie, and yes sour and sweet, and change?
  • Avatar for JakSpringTooth
    This song belongs in like A Shrek soundtrack
  • Avatar for AlanaKatana
    this reminds me of a remastered 80s
  • Avatar for AliceDropdAcid9
  • Avatar for steve1hynes
    Good to see the kids breaking classic records down into ringtones.
  • Avatar for Bebe23
    That intro as ringtone = win [2]
  • Avatar for gamersgene
    I made my girlfriend a crab omelet this morning.[2]
  • Avatar for Arc_Of_Fire
    The Eighties came back. And they want reveeeenge!!! Kidding, kidding - I adore this song to bits.
  • Avatar for innerspeaker
    That intro as ringtone = win
  • Avatar for bfgarzilla9k
    that moment when you find a song that describes what you've been thinking for a while - check [2]
  • Avatar for les_miserables
    Favorite LCD song.
  • Avatar for pgl
  • Avatar for sampointoh
    fifa 2012!
  • Avatar for fourclaws
    that moment when you find a song that describes what you've been thinking for a while - check
  • Avatar for farfafarf
    supremely 80s
  • Avatar for eric_atd
    I made my girlfriend a crab omelet this morning.
  • Avatar for solitaryxsiren
  • Avatar for jiesmile
  • Avatar for Sunzy
    This is what turns me right on about music. Hejus Christ, man.
  • Avatar for tastethemagic
    and what you're asking me now, disastrous now, hoping and hoping and hoping the feeling goes away
  • Avatar for rajazan
    i can change i can change i can change... I CAN CHANGE I CAN CHANGE I CAN CHANGE!!
  • Avatar for toby_d
    <3 is murderer
  • Avatar for MRRUSTYCAGE
    THIS decade. \/
  • Avatar for beyondmountains
    Probably one of the best songs of the past decade.
  • Avatar for isitbeer30yet
    trust me... o_O
  • Avatar for karmified
  • Avatar for hexedhands
    amazing song and band
  • Avatar for Kornwolf
    I love LCD Soundsystem!
  • Avatar for r4yman
    i can change i can change i can change
  • Avatar for hornsofarabbit
    Thank you Stephen!!! The man has good taste.
  • Avatar for fatwang
    I can cha cha
  • Avatar for Maxwell762
    How is James Murphy so cool?
  • Avatar for Tattooed_man
    It's good in the dark, it really is but fuck me, what a song it's timeless.


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