Warner Bros.
Release date
6 Sep 2005
Running length
20 tracks
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    Track     Duration Listeners
1 Over & Over 4:33 29,923
2 The Ledge 2:07 29,607
3 Think About Me 2:43 42,498
4 Save Me a Place 2:41 31,900
5 Sara (Edit Version) 4:38 2,545
6 What Makes You Think You're the One 3:31 39,955
7 Storms 5:29 46,381
8 That's All for Everyone 3:02 28,184
9 Not That Funny 3:10 28,353
10 Sisters of the Moon 4:41 37,345
11 Angel 4:53 30,196
12 That's Enough for Me 1:49 22,787
13 Brown Eyes 4:25 26,349
14 Never Make Me Cry 2:17 22,304
15 I Know I'm Not Wrong 3:04 24,513
16 Honey Hi 2:40 23,647
17 Beautiful Child 5:19 30,445
18 Walk a Thin Line 3:45 24,658
19 Tusk 3:29 202,574
20 Never Forget 3:33 23,032

About this album

More than any other Fleetwood Mac album, Tusk is born of a particular time and place — it could only have been created in the aftermath of Rumours, which shattered sales records, which in turn gave the group a blank check for its next album. But if they were falling apart during the making of Rumours, they were officially broken and shattered during the making of Tusk, and that disconnect between bandmembers resulted in a sprawling, incoherent, and utterly brilliant 20-track double album. At the time of its release, it was a flop, never reaching the top of the charts and never spawning a true hit single, despite two well-received Top Ten hits. Coming after the monumental Rumours, this was a huge disappointment, but the truth of the matter is that Fleetwood Mac couldn’t top that success no matter how hard they tried, so it was better for them to indulge themselves and come up with something as unique as Tusk. Lindsey Buckingham directed both Fleetwood Mac and Rumours, but he dominates here, composing nearly half the album, and giving Christine McVie’s and Stevie Nicks’ songs an ethereal, floating quality that turns them into welcome respites from the seriously twisted immersions into Buckingham’s id. This is the ultimate cocaine album — it’s mellow for long stretches, and then bursts wide open in manic, frantic explosions, such as the mounting tension on “The Ledge” or the rampaging “That’s Enough for Me,” or the marching band-driven paranoia of the title track, all of which are relieved by smooth, reflective work from all three songwriters.

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  • mirrormont

    Tusk Christine >>> Rumours Christine > s/t Christine

    12 hours ago Reply
  • leviw94

    It shocked me that people got up to get a drink or go to the toilet during songs that weren't from Rumours on their current tour. I would pay good money to hear the entirety of Tusk in one concert.

    28 May 12:18am Reply
  • SSBN623

    people who are legends in their own time . . . usually are useless overpaid fuckwads who are legends in their own minds . . . in my opinion . . . . please show me a income/expense report without ballet (aka dancin' round a subject) thanx JMS

    24 Apr 4:24pm Reply
  • SSBN623

    so that bein' said . . . i own the house in phoenix there is . . . or was a good recordin' studio with adequate accomodations . . . for my next project. . . . which don't include the folks present . . . presently. . . .joke about anythin' the next band will not have an entourage of entrails. thanx JMS

    22 Apr 10:18pm Reply
  • SSBN623

    so look at the album cover art . . . i was pourin' the stuff with the red and blue spots (aka nasty) so i put the name of the album in red spots "tusk" at ~ 315 relative.

    22 Apr 9:49pm Reply
  • SSBN623

    in AZ i had a concept . . . it was gonna be the NICKS BAND . . . lori lead vocal , , ,slut pup backup no members of the mac & cheese Co. needed to apply.

    22 Apr 9:32pm Reply
  • SSBN623

    by the way the proceeds of my work with these folks is yet to be determined .

    19 Apr 6:17pm Reply
  • SSBN623

    i always thought of vicker's album . . . every picture tells a story . . . morphed to every pitcher tells a story ! thanx JMS

    19 Apr 6:14pm Reply
  • SSBN623

    so i donated the album and all proceeds to the state of arizona

    13 Apr 11:22pm Reply
  • SSBN623

    tusk i named after the dawg !

    13 Apr 10:37pm Reply
  • SSBN623

    so i gave the FD a design contract for lightweight trucks . . . the basic design was from the Hibernia fire company (2) Lambertville , NJ my father was a member of Columbia (4).

    7 Apr 7:38pm Reply
  • SSBN623

    plus the powers that be tried stickin' a pumper and a ladder on the joint from which they had to . . . so we moved the firehouse . . . and turned it into a stagein' area 'til we could get it done ! money where your mouth is should be left to whores ! thanx JMS

    7 Apr 7:16pm Reply
  • SSBN623

    i wrote the song the ledge because buck-knife and his cronnies knew everything . . 'til the pheonix FD wanted two ways to get to the houses. with all disrespect i don't think buck-knife could put out a fire drill in his pants except for the sluts are us club. all cunts learn some sooner , some later !

    7 Apr 6:59pm Reply
  • SSBN623

    if you'all could get a recorded and a release date straight we'd all be seventeen again thanx jim

    11 Mar 12:59am Reply
  • SSBN623

    so i told 'em you are runnin' into the stretch for your success . . . reality says to me you are bunch of cultist runnin' from your own failures. . . in my opinion

    9 Mar 9:00pm Reply
  • SSBN623

    so i wrote and recorded this album in AZ where intellectual property rights of foriegns did not make shit to a dawg pissin' on a fire hydrant

    4 Mar 6:45pm Reply
  • SSBN623

    i named the album after tusk . . . that's the dickwad dawg . . .unless you want tusk to go the way of a wooly . . . so i grabbed tusk by the tail threw it through the window . . . next i beat his head against that fuckin' tree

    28 Feb 9:54pm Reply
  • SSBN623

    so i wrote this as a way of learnin' them how to be jim's backup band

    28 Feb 9:48pm Reply
  • ladidavid

    Contrary to popular belief, this is Fleetwood Mac's masterpiece album; not Rumours. [3]

    25 Feb 6:31pm Reply
  • SSBN623

    so i was tryin' to move the mac out of the just add water isle

    19 Feb 2:20am Reply
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