1) Trancecore is a sub-genre of Melodic metalcore, which is characterized by trance sections throughout the songs, as well as auto tuned vocals in most cases. These groups make use of metalcore-influenced breakdowns, synthesizers, electronically produced sounds, auto-tuned vocals, and screamed vocals. Read more…|Edit this Artist photo: Asking Alexandria

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  • prettybarf

    "and what do fail emotions use pretyybarf rap influences" yes.

    yesterday evening
  • prettybarf

    v How is anyone supposed to agree with you when they can't even know what you're getting at because you can't structure a sentence.

    yesterday evening
  • nerothegodking

    trancecore as part of metal is a mix of metalcore and eelctronic elements throughout the whole song meaning the core in the end comes from metal and not from the electronic hardcore while trancecore of electronic music comes out from freeform hardcore and some other elements and of course hardcore mean that the metal one is trance(metal)core and the trance(electronic hard)core eventually get the same name and dont start the bullshit about the metal version hjacking yours telling me about histry trance metal is pretty old as electronic hardcore is do your search idiots before bashing and then the core comes from the metalcore version of it facepalm is not enough with your shitty comments liek you know about music

    last month
  • Routon


    February 2014
  • Alex_Trap

    this tag sucks.

    February 2014
  • ksandra_naglaya

    Shikari :))

    December 2013

    this is why your music needs to start learning cock history

    November 2013
  • katameow — track blog of trancecore and other guitar&electronic music

    September 2013
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