Although post-hardcore is primarily rooted in post-punk and hardcore punk, the music that created the space for it were groups like Black Flag, The Minutemen, Flipper and Hüsker Dü, who proved there was indeed room for stylistic diversity in hardcore punk, and abrasive art punk units like Sonic Youth and Big Black, who had arrived too late to truly be part of the initial post-punk movement. Unlike post-punk, post-hardcore was almost exclusively an American phenomenon. Read more…|Edit this Artist photo: Story of the Year

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Thursday 24 July 2014
ChiodosConcert Outland Ballroom
Springfield, MO, United States
37.207255 -93.292304
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Bruised But Not Broken
Whether, I, Restless StreetsConcert
The Underground Rock Shop
Des Moines, Iowa, United States

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Farewell, My Love
Jamie's Elsewhere, Incredible' Me, Lionfight, Allies AsideConcert
Covington, KY, United States
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A Lot Like Birds
A Lot Like Birds, Heart to HeartConcert
B Ryder's Rockin Sports Bar
Bakersfield, United States
35.317673 -119.084689

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Our Last Night / Set it Off at The Rave
Our Last Night, Set It Off, Heartist, Stages and StereosConcert
Eagles Club/The Rave/Eagles Ballroom
Milwaukee, United States
43.038074 -87.943308
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Sunday 27 July 2014
Boot & Saddle
Philadelphia, United States
39.936944 -75.166535

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  • bobo9390

    "scene idiots destroyed the scene and the tags emo and post-hardcore" Yeah, let's pretend emo has a negative connotation to anyone besides hyper masculine tuff guise. And complain like a little kid about it. No irony in that or anything. Ha, way too many children on this site nowadays.

    last week
  • Kalltvatten

    Post-hardcore revival//melodic hardcore from sweden FFO: La Dispute, Frameworks, MewithoutYou

    last week
  • JamesPhillips70

    Replace fugazi, at the drive in, alexisonfire and thrice with Black Veil Brides, The Relapse Symphony, I See Stars and Abandon All Ships, that's what the top 8 should be so far half who cares, half "hell yeah"

    14 days ago
  • enricodsk

    15 days ago
  • playxitxloud

    scene idiots destroyed the scene and the tags emo and post-hardcore

    16 days ago
  • Kalltvatten FFO: La Dispute, Frameworks, MewithoutYou

    17 days ago
  • JamesPhillips70

    Made up post-hardcore lyrics- ie typical, generic... My life is broken, my heart's not open, i need a release to find the little piece of me that still smiles in the day, but my time begins to fade, all alone i ache, this blade I'll take, i'll cut my wrist and see who gives a **** i'll bleed out on the floor , no one cares anymore.. a thought rushes through my head, what will happen when i'm dead? I used to love her but now it's over , i hate myself and everybody else > im a poet lol

    last month
  • spartanreach117

    Vaya chocho teneis aqui liado no meteis a slipknot de milagro

    last month
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