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  • Wawandus

    Hi! Every soul shall have a tested of music___Wandus!

    Monday morning
  • sellazel

    Hi! Please kindly check this new Indonesian alternative band, KLOKS. They're currently working on their 1st album which is gonna be released next year. Listen to their 1st single, "Tanpa Hadirmu" on Thank you. :)

    December 2014
  • kekaldotorg

    Most of the tracks from upcoming Kekal album Multilateral can be streamed from Soundcloud before the album release.

    October 2014
  • Tarjever

    A little better than Vietnamese, but boring, too. ^^ (Except Gita Gutawa, she's kawaii! ^__^ ))) )

    July 2014
  • BB17_us

    Indonesia! :)

    May 2014
  • equizmail

    @tensotensoq goodnight electric , bottlesmoker

    May 2014
  • alwiatmaardhana

    true indonesian music : Patriot Proklamasi

    January 2014
  • TheMangMang

    Punten...MangMang ikut posting ... lagu nya sudah bisa di download disini.. atau ke ... ada lagu 1. Robot Mainan 2. Operasi Plastik 3. Bawa Aku Terbang Tinggi 4. Bandungku ( Feat Uti Laluna ) Mari-mari berkunjung..

    October 2013
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