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Comedy (from the Greek κωμωδία,komodia) as a popular meaning, is any humorous discourse generally intended to amuse, especially in television, film, and stand-up comedy. It can also be common in music. This must be carefully distinguished from its academic definition, namely the comic theatre, whose Western origins are found in Ancient Greece. In the Athenian democracy, the public opinion of voters was remarkably influenced by the political satire performed by the comic poets at the theaters.

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  • https://www.tumblr.com/blog/progressivemusiccomedyclub Do you like progressive rock/metal and have a good sense of humor? I have you covered!
  • The only funny Slipknot song is Do Nothing/Bitchslap, though...
  • fox say wao wao ko ko ko hachi hachi hao
  • what the fox says
  • Slipknot Should be on top [56]
  • sweet
  • keep it loling
  • LOLz all the way. humans NEED to laugh daily!
  • Slipknot Should be on top [55]
  • Deathspell Omega.

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