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Soilwork is a band formed in late 1995, originally under the name Inferior Breed in Helsingborg, Sweden. In 1996, they changed their name to Soilwork to better fit their new sound. Their unique sound is a fusion of the classic sound with power-groove riffs of late 1970s, early 1980s British, and European metal, but in their most recent albums they have also introduced elements from American and adopted a more melodic attitude… read more

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  • Ok, add "Shining Lights" (in addition to "Whirl of Pain") to my list of songs I'll champion on the new album... love the hook. The speed drumming just gets a little old for me by the end. I'm a hardcore groove-fan... thrash drumming to me will always sound unevolved. It doesn't move a crowd & I probably look at & listen to music while thinking in my head how it's going to translate to a live show.
  • I'm probably not as "metal" as everyone here. My thing is hearing NEW elements & things I haven't previously heard before & on The Ride Majestic... I don't hear that. Does anyone on here have more than 8,500+ Soilwork plays (just curious... they're my #2 band overall)
  • I agree Dirk is pushing it on the last album, but once you get into the album and start to remember the songs and see the patterns, the greatness unfolds. The drumming is yet another element that makes this album shine i.m.o. "Enemies in Fidelity" is one example of amazing and unusual drumming.
  • Are you serious? Chainheart Machine and A Predator's Portrait are hands down their best albums and shit over pretty much everything else they've released. [2] Pretty much this, although Steelbath Suicide is on par with TCM and APP. FN5 is boring as fuck.
  • Are you serious? Chainheart Machine and A Predator's Portrait are hands down their best albums and shit over pretty much everything else they've released. That was back when they actually knew how to write aggro songs with catchy riffs. Those were the good old days, imho.
  • Actually, I prefer their 2013-2015 output to their "classic" albums, like Natural Born Chaos. That album was mediocre stuff. Three CDs from 2013, 2014 and 2015 are the shit. And FN5's also cool.
  • I'm not certain, but I don't really think Dirk has final say on how the drum parts go. In general, the songs aren't really written by him (though I'm sure he has some kind of input as he does consider Soilwork his "one full-time band" as far as I recall) so much as they are by Speed, Andersson and sometimes even Coudret. I'm assuming it's generally the entire band's idea to have the more extreme parts, therefore. Stabbing the Drama has too many awkward drum parts, imo. Yeah, when it works it works, but generally I think that album feels very uneven, especially towards the end, and the drums don't help. However, kudos on the reference to Cranking the Sirens... I love Figure Number Five! It was my very first metal album and I still consider it one of the very best and most consistent "modern metal" albums ever written. Sure, it's straightforward, but it's awesome!
  • Sometimes I just wonder if Dirk puts "too much" performance into the drum-tracks at times... I almost preferred what he was doing on Stabbing & like you mentioned... Sworn (which despite marginal production, does have great songs) where it didn't seem like he was trying to push the tempos to be so fast & extreme. ALL the TIME...
  • I might just prefer the simpler stuff... one of my favorite moments is in the song "Cranking the Sirens" after the 2nd chorus when that killer riff comes in & Bjorn sings "He believes in silence. He believes that this is the end. He can't hear the sirens... cause silence is the greatest sleep of them all..." (then a beautiful little solo comes after) I don't dislike the new album it just hasn't really hit me yet. The band is spread out all over the world so I just thought it seemed a little early to follow up something like The Living Infinite but I guess I shouldn't really complain. They're still basically my favorite metal band right now that I believe you are right has established (and re-established) themselves as one of the most consistent, reliable & hard-working bands in the world, at this point!
  • i actually think that Petrichor by Sulphur has the next-most emotional performance by Bjorn... something about that later part of the song with the cleaner guitars that bridges back to the chorus is so cathartic (I WILL RETUUUUURRRN!) and emotionally-powerful to me. it's very soul-baring and honest, as most of the album feels to me. I mean, even going back to Sworn to a Great Divide, even though Wildoer effed the production of that album up, it's chock-full of pure emotion, something that Speed has continually upped the ante on. Soilwork's probably one of the hardest working bands in modern metal and I think I disagree, at least immediately/instinctually, that they should have waited until this year to put out an album. They are quickly re-establishing themselves as the most consistent modern metal band on a "major" metal label, and that loss of momentum would likely have hurt more than helped. Cheers though!

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