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Secret (시크릿) is a TS Entertainment 4-member girl group formed in South Korea in 2009. Members of the group are: (전효성)Hyosung/Jeon Hyo Seong (leader), (한선화)Han Sun Hwa, (송지은)Song Ji Eun (송지은) and rapper (정하나)Jung Hana (Zinger).

Secret was first introduced through a documentary program titled Secret Story which aired on the cable channel Mnet. The program chronicled their debut process and aired their invitation only debut show case which took place on September 29, 2009. The group released the MV for their debut digital single "I Want You Back" on October 13, 2009 and appeared on M! Countdown for their debut performance on October 15, 2009. Secret gained popularity after their debut appearance due to their polished vocals and stage presence; the group quickly hit the #1 searched phrase on various online portal sites.

Up to date the group released 11 singles: "I Want You Back" in 2009, "Magic" and "Madonna" in 2010, "Shy Boy ", "별빛달빛" and "사랑은 Move" in 2011, "POISON" and "Talk That" in 2012, "YooHoo" and "I Do I Do" in 2013 and "I'm in love" in 2014.

Jeon Hyoseong (전효성) A.K.A Hyosung (효성) ~ Leader, Main Dancer, & Lead Vocalist
Jung Hana (정하나) ~ Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, & Vocalist
Song Jieun (송지은) ~ Main Vocalist
Han Sunhwa (한선화) ~ Vocalist, Visual, & Maknae

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