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How to Disappear Completely (5:57)

“That song is about the whole period of time that OK Computer was happening. We did the Glastonbury Festival and this thing in Ireland. Something snapped in me. I just said, ‘That’s it. I can’t take it anymore.’ And more than a year later, we were still on the road. I hadn’t had time to address things. The lyrics came from something Michael Stipe said to me. I rang him and said, ‘I cannot cope with this.’ And he said,…

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That there
That's not me
I go
Where I please

Radiohead - How to Disappear Completely Lyrics


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  • I'm not here this isn't happening...
  • I feel sleepy with this song. In a good way. Amazing song.
  • Radiohead's best song [2]
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  • I know this song... it plays when you love someone enough to let them completely inside and they find the abyss. It looks just like their own. They pull away. They board up their windows, choose a new name. You delete their contact information, their photos, their emails. You never speak to them again. You still miss them. More, each day. They stay hidden. You can’t tell them not to worry. You can’t help them forget their fear, to move on, without you. Unless you disappear. Completely.
  • i'm not here...illusion=big game=big joke=life
  • I wish to do it again and make me do what you say about the friend who owns a good father and the Meditation Opera shown that was a summer baby and there's no more holidays booked on the chase and status of the babies in the summer hit this is a
  • This song really helped me get through my time in the waiting room for surgery :)
  • I dissapear with this song
  • ~melts in2 this song & floatz awayz in2 the cosmos~

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