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  • Avatar for gbrlestrada
    my favorite Exodus' song, fucking brutal \m/
  • Avatar for HaohmaruRocks
  • Avatar for sfusyron
    Hell Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for HayleighRayment
    And 's friend asked her if she has Rcer called me a c''t
  • Avatar for Woodgod
    Baloff's best performance. No doubt.
  • Avatar for xTHRxASHx
  • Avatar for jlarsonx
    "The pleasure of watching you die is what I will get..."
  • Avatar for Eliallday
  • Avatar for G8Rbuttercups
    Get on your knees & bow'' learned I loved Exodus awhile ago;)
  • Avatar for imiMoises
  • Avatar for XtremeBrutality
    Definitely a good song to release aggression too !!!
  • Avatar for Lord_Levi
    Maximum aggressive
  • Avatar for LuccasV8
    Best Exodus solo !
  • Avatar for Metalteifel
    Gary Holt for president!
  • Avatar for niceverdict
    daaamn that solo!!! i pissed my stockings! lol
  • Avatar for HatredDefined
  • Avatar for maryland666
    AWESOME 666
  • Avatar for Woaaw
    man this is soo good
  • Avatar for JanetDraven
    3 more days xD
  • Avatar for nopuppet
    get on your knees and bow or learn a lesson in violence!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for metaljenjen
    Bonded by Blood...BEST EXODUS ALBUM!!!!
  • Avatar for Metalfiend11
  • Avatar for Justgotmyperiod
    Just once I'd like to hear some exodus that ISN'T from this album...This is all that ever plays by them.
  • Avatar for LordBeherit
    The original is best.
  • Avatar for bloodclox
    i love it when the cymbal's kick in; around :46
  • Avatar for gdcman
    One of the greatest Thrash Cd's EVERRRRRRRRRR! "Nothing can save you now"!
  • Avatar for megadave70
    'fuck Rob Dukes' - I agree these vocals are no where near as good as the original
  • Avatar for vovillia
    Wrong album, this is the version with Rob Dukes on the Let There Be Blood Still good though, best version is live with Zetro
  • Avatar for MetallicaKEA
    why do they only put the ltbb version i wanna hear baloff and dukes he sucks ass atleast let me hear zetro
  • Avatar for jedacar
    Classic fukkin' thrash,love it\m/!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Fearrademi
    Not the Original Version...But still fuck'in Great!!
  • Avatar for HeavenlyBass
    \m/ ///_^) \m/
  • Avatar for Slayer-Fan
    Insane vocals
  • Avatar for KeenanJohnston
    Great thrash song. Probably my favourite from Exodus.
  • Avatar for Pinkbrush2
    get on your knees and bow!!!!!!!!!\m/
  • Avatar for KChippie1
    LEARN A LESSON N VIOLENCE ! SMASHING BLOW 2 THE HEAD ! ----------------------------------- EXODUS --------------------------------------------
  • Avatar for bernikick
  • Avatar for reaganyouth77
  • Avatar for Russel473
    I don't like the echoey vocals that much though..
  • Avatar for nopuppet
    fight for what you believe to be right crushing with all your might I laugh at their pitiful cries they run from the fire in my eyes nothing can save them now you've learned a lesson in violence get on your knees and bow or learn a lesson in violence
  • Avatar for bleachedout18
    o 3 o
  • Avatar for Cody-JoeL
    This song was my first love of Exodus. And it still FUCKING MAKES ME THRASH!!!!!
  • Avatar for OCF666
    the first version is much better! Still bad ass!
  • Avatar for super_ruben09
    The version on Another Lesson In Violence is absolutely crushing.
  • Avatar for thrashmetal123
    i want the original version :)
  • Avatar for reincremated89
    where's the original version... lol
  • Avatar for materchrisdoboy
    wooooooooooooo........ good
  • Avatar for HighIsTheWay
    if you got somethin' to say then come my way! im guarded by satan im riding on baphomet!
  • Avatar for mrgoblinobesity
  • Avatar for Natas94
    Fucking agressive. i love it


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