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1) The Deviants (formerly the Social Deviants) were a musical group in the United Kingdom. Out of the Ladbroke Grove UK Underground Community, a number of bands would emerge. Perhaps the most anarchistic band of the Underground was the Deviants founded and fronted by singer/writer Mick Farren, the Social Deviants, later just the Deviants, made three bizarre albums in two years. Mick Farren states that The Deviants were a community band which "did things every now and then - it… read more

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  • Groovy as HELL
  • We are the people who pervert your children!
  • RedArmada: children of decadence? really? im guessing you would send you're son to have lessons with darkthrone or some crust punk band right
  • Don't let Bishop teach your son, or even speak to him, unless you want your child to end up a filthy commie degenerate who eats out of the garbage and disgraces his body with other men. Children of the 60s, more like children of decadence, wake up sheeple
  • Wanted to teach my son how to play guitar and my new neighbour had some guitars and I'd heard abit of playing coming thru the walls, so I went to see if he knew any one who could give lessons better than me. Only to find out that my neighbour was only 'Sid bishop 'of deviants fame!!!! This was only last yr and he's lost none of his touch I can tell you!
  • R.I.P.
  • R.I.P. Mick Farren you will be missed
  • Genial!
  • so good!
  • Deviants #3 - probably one of the best albums cover ever!!

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