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Speech Debelle (1983, London, England) is a British artist, winner of the 2009 Mercury Prize. Debelle is signed to the Big Dada record label.

Debelle's debut album, Speech Therapy, was released in the United Kingdom on 31 May 2009. The album has had three singles released, "Searching", "The Key", and "Go Then, Bye". It won the Barclay Mercury music prize in 2009. The Mercury judges said she was a "remarkable new voice in… read more

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  • A+ Grand lyricist.
  • Oh wow. She's perfect.
  • one of my favorite discoveries of this year!
  • love her british accent
  • push.
  • cant wait to see you live at dour!
  • new album is a matserpiece!buy it all of you guys!!
  • [url=]The Ultimate Zombie Litmus Test[/url] click, watch, share ;-)
  • Remember, peak-etc has nothing to do with stuff running out. hell, probably most of it never will run out, especially oil. The problem is that it costs more and more energy and/or money (usually both by now) to get it (net enrgy), produce it. Learn also how the money/monetary system works. That shit matters. [[url=]CollapseNet[/url] Member, [url=]Zero Hedge[/url] / [url=]Max Keiser[/url] fan, and [url=]Zeitgeist Movement[/url] supporter (yeah, shoot me for the latter ;-) )]
  • Now, how are we gonna do that, I have noooo frikkin idea tbh. But this MUST become some kind of hit, srsly. That song is so frikkin powerfull, the topics itself (the word PeakOil is in there! zomg) how it is addressed, other. This song has the power to achieve someting that people like Lowkey or Immortal Technique never could, because they are put in the conspiracy nutters corner too easily by the masses (hey, don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of both). NOTHING in that song can be denied, disproven, etc. This can't be ignored, and must not be. Everywhere u look u will see that we're waay past peak-oil (and peak-so much other by now). And shit will be worse faster and faster. And it will become really bad if u just sit there and wait for what might happen. U must ACT NOW, become independent, cut urself loose from the system, connect with likeminded, re-educated urself on how to survive. These things takes time, and the longer u wait the less flexibility u have left.

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