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A "type of dance music, played on electronic instruments and with a slow beat", according to Longman Dictionary, trip-hop (also known in the past as the "Bristol sound") is, in fact, a musical movement that started in Bristol, UK. The tag isn't limited to Bristol-based bands though; bands as far as Canada (eg. Perfume Tree) or Costa Rica (eg. Úztari) have been considered 'trip-hop'. Many 'trip-hop' bands like Massive…

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  • Trip-hop is synonym of sex. [10] totally agree.
  • Trip-hop is synonym of sex. [9]
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trip_hop The same, some are trip-hop, some not, and the same as hip-hop. Have a look first.
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  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trip_hop
  • Strange if Hip-hop is Hip-hop(proof in description of your tag), why Trip-hop must be Trip hop?
  • Wrong tag. Right tag is [tag]trip hop[/tag]
  • Trip-hop is synonym of sex. [8]
  • Trip-hop is synonym of sex. [7]
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