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Paul Gilbert is well known for his highly-acclaimed technical guitar work with Racer X and Mr. Big . After he parted ways with Mr. Big in 1996, Paul pursued his career as a solo guitarist and has evolved into a successful solo artist/singer/songwriter.

Gilbert composes music in a wide variety of styles including pop, rock, metal, blues, jazz, funk and classical, but is perhaps best known for his versatility and speed. His guitar work is characterised by his floating… read more

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  • Avatar for Chrilu
    The best axe grinder that ever walked the face of this earth...
  • Avatar for mistatwinkies
    My only real problem with this release like some of his previous ones is the insistence of a Japanese early release with no scheduled delayed of a international/North American release soon after (a few days, a couple weeks), especially in the age of the Internet when most albums are released physically and digitally simultaneously, with no delay internationally. Anyone can grab a Japanese copy no problem, albeit at a higher price because Japanese standards and demand, if they can't wait for a local release to hear it. Not to mention the album like most digital media releases honestly ends up on torrent sites within a few days anyway, so the insistence on a JP-only release just seems insulting, or at least clunky and outdated. I wouldn't mind waiting a couple weeks but it usually ends up being a couple months on average, and hopefully someone gets Paul to realize this does irritate his fans outside of Japan.
  • Avatar for mistatwinkies
    New album builds more on elements from Vibrato [mostly soul music] with some remnants of Mr. Big too, a track title blatantly has the words "to be with you". It definitely isn't devoid of "shred filled madness" when most songs have extended fast guitar solos, and the album has on average more high-energy and/or fast songs than a typical PG album, instrumental or vocal-focused. Worth pointing out that previously-collaborated-with Freddie Nelson [on album "United States"] sounds a lot less like Freddie Mercury this time around, probably to avoid those comparisons again. The album does has a different feel from his previous work, especially his older solo albums, with Kevin Shirley producing and more conventional song writing, but it definitely doesn't hurt the album overall. Personally, a huge part of Paul's appeal was how rough and unabashed his composition was, and an example of this is when he was playing Laney amps and got criticized for "bad tone", when it made him more distinct IMO
  • Avatar for MetallicaSox
    New album is great. His voice is much more solid than usual - Most of the songs are very basic style rock songs, not shred filled madness, if you're a fan of everything he does like me then you probably won't have an issue with that. Everybody use your goddamn turn signal!
  • Avatar for mistatwinkies
    So it's been about a year since Stone Pushing Uphill Man, which wasn't exactly the studio album anyone was expecting from PG. I didn't know at the time he and his wife Emi had their first baby in August 2014, which congrats is a big deal to Paul I'm sure, and is probably why he's only done some minor touring in Europe and the guitar workshop stuff he's been working on. It's also a possibility that he's been shying away from composing as much as he used to before, Stone Pushing Uphill Man only had 3 originals and Vibrato had 3 live covers, which is a shame. SFBADR is still my all-time favorite work of his and even though Fuzz Universe wasn't quite on the same level I'd still love to see him write more.
  • Avatar for bloody72
    pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Paul Gilbert
  • Avatar for bloody72
    pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Paul Gilbert
  • Avatar for EETFUK
    I genuinely enjoy his voice and prefer his fun pop-rock stuff over the more shred/instrumental stuff.
  • Avatar for Treats4TheSOUL
    Hey Paul, I have tinnitus too. It fucking sucks. You're great though.
  • Avatar for Gurgenium
    Его музыка своей атмосферой почему-то напоминает мне советскую эстраду 70-х.

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