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  • "lmfao black ppl" - nerdcore fans
  • @Mechayoshi and people confuse chipbreak for nintendocore too, and that's kinda sad
  • check out all the free music at [label]Explodivision[/label]
  • life's a bitch an i'm her pimp etc
  • lol at people getting this confused with nintendocore...
  • This is better when it's animu bootlegs
  • tags for fags
  • nerds gonna love !!!
  • https://soundcloud.com/jackrae/b-type-feat-whoremoans-we-want Remixed a Nerdcore tune
  • you know that this shit is cool
  • tags for fags
  • nerds!!!!
  • Shitty, unoriginal genre
  • hilarious
  • don't need other music anymore
  • man white people suck hard [2] also noo_dog fucking EAT IT WAY TO BE WRONG AND FUCKING DUMB AS SHIT ABOUT EVERYTHING
  • ut0
    man white people suck hard
  • fag for tags
  • tag for fags
  • Metalcore is much newer than hardcore rap and hardcore techno. (probably the guys below meant "hardcore [punk]" but they said "metal", so yeah)
  • Horrorcore, on the other-hand, makes sense because it is a derivative of hardcore hip-hop.
  • lol at people that expected this to be a metal genre. There are 3 types of hardcore: hardcore hip-hop, hardcore punk, and hardcore techno. Metal actually doesn't have any hardcore variant; the genre 'metalcore' is heavy metal mixed with elements of (modern) hardcore punk. However, by these rules, nerdcore should be a form of hardcore hip-hop, but it isn't, so it is a stupid name for the genre. Slowcore is another example of a stupidly named genre because the 'core' suffix doesn't refer to any hardcore variant of an existing genre. The same goes for nerdcore - it should be called 'nerd hip-hop' or something similar.
  • http://www.last.fm/music/Nes+Boy+Wonder/Games+Vs+Cartoons the next big thing in nerd music
  • cf. Horrorcore :P
  • Some Nerdcore is good (Kabuto the Python, Deafinition. mc chris, MC Frontalot) others not so much (magitek, Benjamin Bear) don't judge the whole genre by name and description judge by how good it is. also at petergriffin91 its because core doesnt always refer to metal. it can mean it focuses mainly on whatever subject it follows so this focuses on nerdy topics.
  • Horrible.
  • so nerdcore is rap? I thought nerdcore would be metal
  • [track artist=Adam Sapphire]OOPS, I ACCIDENTLY THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE! (ft. GTUK)[/track] Lyrics by [artist]Adam Zivojnovich[/artist] AKA [artist]Adam Sapphire[/artist] beat by [artist]GTUK[/artist] [tag]nerdcore[/tag]/[tag]post-nerdcore[/tag]/[tag]indie[/tag]/[tag]8-bit[/tag]/[tag]electropunk[/tag]/[tag]experimental[/tag]/[tag]Nintendocore[/tag]
  • ROFL
  • [artist]Adam Zivojnovich[/artist] and [label]explodivision[/label] bringing back nerdcore!
  • nerdcore is measly nerdness even debased by rap.
  • GTFO
  • sup /b/?
  • nerdcore is good nerdness ruined by rap.
  • http://www.last.fm/group/Post-Nerdcore
  • Some of this shit is really gimmicky though.... like, how many songs can you do as rapping ninjas and pirates?
  • it all depends on the rapper, you can't say a genre is good or bad, it's the people. Some nerdcore rappers have awesome flow, some don't
  • nerdocre is not bad rap when the rapping is good, aye?
  • Watched the documentary Nerdcore Rising the other day and there was one of the guys from De La Soul giving it props. Nerdcore is people writing music about what they know and love, therefore, keeping it real in the true hip-hop tradition. And i still makes me giggle.
  • "nerdcore is bad rap excused by a gimmick." this
  • Nerdcore makes me giggle.
  • \m/
  • yay for nerdcore
  • i lov nerdcore
  • wtf x)
  • check out my stuff! [artist]Adam Zivojnovich[/artist]
  • They have made a circle around my city never being nearer han 2 hours away ¬_¬. Next time come to Lincoln, you have many a fan awaiting!!!!
  • YTCracker <3
  • racist
  • My favorites would have to be MC Frontalot, YTCracker, and Schaffer The Darklord.


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