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Neoclassical means different things in different genres of music. In the early and mid-20th century it was an anti-romantic trend in which composers were influenced by the music and aesthetics of the music of the Viennese classical, baroque and renaissance eras. The most famous neoclassical composer was Igor Stravinsky with such works as Pulcinella, Oedipus Rex and The Rake's Progress.

Neo Classical composers focus on rigid structure, mathematical precision, and the simple rewards found in a pretty melody. Armed with… read more

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    Listen to free streams of Neoclassical Music, 24/7 at Sad Classical Music Radio :
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    [artist]Elend[/artist], [artist]Ashram[/artist], [artist]Ophelia's Dream[/artist], [artist]Arcana[/artist] and [artist]Dark Sanctuary[/artist], are [tag]neoclassical darkwave[/tag]; [artist]Triarii[/artist] is [tag]martial industrial[/tag] (which uses [tag]neoclassical darkwave[/tag] music with [tag]industrial[/tag] music and European marches); [artist]Vladimír Hirsch[/artist] and [artist]Ólafur Arnalds[/artist] are [tag]modern classical[/tag] (not to be confused with neoclassical [new age; darkwave] music).
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    [tag]Contemporary classical[/tag] music is actually the "neoclassical" music, this tag is used for "neoclassical darkwave" and "neoclassical new age", lol

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