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  • Avatar for NolSinkler
    @DaddyHorror for me it goes From Here We Go Sublime>Looping State of Mind>The Follower>Yesterday and Today>Cupid's Head
  • Avatar for DaddyHorror
    But the Follower is a 10/10 album.
  • Avatar for DaddyHorror
    From Here We Go Sublime > Yesterday and Today > The Follower > Looping State of Mind > Cupid's Head
  • Avatar for doomaddicts
    New album is indeed the best he's done since Looping, stellar record.
  • Avatar for TriptheLight
    @ melodymann. Exactly, imo i feel like he needs to change it up a bit. I love his essential sound but i think he's playing it safe, especially on his last two albums.
  • Avatar for melodymann
    Axel is pretty much a guy who is playing music on which i may ever dance without any regret.I wish i would love Follower as much as i love From Here We Go Sublime and Looping State of Mind,but i cant.for now,i even prefer cupids head
  • Avatar for gabystarlight
    New album is surprisingly pretty good. Easily his best since debut.
  • Avatar for optimistic_tour
    review thingy (best since Looping or even Sublime!)
  • Avatar for FaiAhmed
  • Avatar for LeMortHermit
    I thought I would never hear any Minimal Techno album that could come close to From Here We Go Sublime! The new album proved me wrong!
  • Avatar for raffy_rillo
    Fantastic new record.
  • Avatar for jahyuck
    Pink Sun
  • Avatar for rigidbed
    new one better than cupid's head
  • Avatar for dwave
    disappear here
  • Avatar for cxmel
    incredible atmosphere
  • Avatar for bopapocalypse
    new album is sublime.
  • Avatar for Nyphounet
  • Avatar for venicedreamway
    the man's done it again
  • Avatar for anticlimactica
    amazing album <3
  • Avatar for jakamarra
    It's ace. I'm happy.
  • Avatar for tylerstravis
    How the fuck do I not have 500 more scrobbles?
  • Avatar for melodymann
    so it begins
  • Avatar for joppippoj
    listen to the new album:
  • Avatar for FriendOfMine
    New album is brilliant.
  • Avatar for Jessy_vie
    I need your loving, like the sunshine <3
  • Avatar for Peppermintay
  • Avatar for The909Virus
    New track is stunning:
  • Avatar for anticlimactica
    in any case i'm sooooooo excited for the follower. <3
  • Avatar for anticlimactica
    maybe to we who listen to the field albums extensively, his album artworks seem especially distinct
  • Avatar for papabuscemeys
    as someone who has never listened to a Field album before (as of typing this), i thought this guy had only released a single album in his whole career because of how identical his album art looks
  • Avatar for gmould
    New album needed now! :)
  • Avatar for melodymann
    waiting mode on
  • Avatar for venicedreamway
    at last new record on april 1 [not an april fools]
  • Avatar for melodymann
    new fucking album,DO IT!
  • Avatar for Kyonil
  • Avatar for anticlimactica
    new album? :3
  • Avatar for toddriverz
    @cersthebest it's The Flamingos - I Only Have Eyes For You
  • Avatar for cersthebest
    anyone know where the voice on "from here we go sublime" comes from?? i remember hearing it from somehwere
  • Avatar for Rustune
    broke my speakers
  • Avatar for BoringArcade
    Mastermind of that bouncy electro minimal groove.
  • Avatar for KaramAkerfeldt
    Repetition isn't necessarily bad. ;)
  • Avatar for qorianisme
    play ingress when you listen From Here We go Sublime.
  • Avatar for calsimon
    i know why
  • Avatar for Kid_Ay
    Transcending transcendence....
  • Avatar for Celso
    "The More That I Do" reminds me of Cocteau Twins' Lorelei, I don't know why...
  • Avatar for WiTHiNt
    From Here We Go Sublime > rest. repetitive ? yes. amazing ? yes.
  • Avatar for jakamarra
    When I get sick of everything else I listen to, I can always come back to The Field; his music just seems to fit my every mood. Also would LOVE a whole album that explored the same sort of sound and atmosphere as the last few minutes of Black Sea.
  • Avatar for missing_sock
    Looping state of mind is pretty marvelous. Though I'm not really a fan of glitchiness a la Akufen and such, this album takes it to the next level I think.
  • Avatar for calsimon
    parts anyway
  • Avatar for caffeineandvase
    best techno records 2013


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