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  • Avatar for robveiga
    Wonderful singer , he has an unmistakable raspy voice
  • Avatar for BlueOclock
    I was at a party one time and I saw this idiot trying to do the twist to this! Can you imagine? Then, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror I realized it was me! Can you imagine?
  • Avatar for cjfreckles
    great concert
  • Avatar for oldchap2
    Every picture tells a story doughnut. ??????????????
  • Avatar for Turnersmemo
    proper music.
  • Avatar for junkie-byproxy
    EPTAS is one of those rare records that you can listen to without picking up the needle and moving it forward. Kind of perfect exactly as it is.
  • Avatar for wildtony40
    nice song.
  • Avatar for feenomena
    Bitte nicht noch einmal ahhh
  • Avatar for mikesimpson
    Live version, What the
  • Avatar for fergalmc
    A belter, straight out of the trap!
  • Avatar for breitheamhnaig
    Maggie Bell.What a voice.
  • Avatar for loriscanada
    If i had to pick one out of the Rod Stewart songbook this would be it!!
  • Avatar for algenon50
    yep !! rod & the faces !!! nothing like it since !!
  • Avatar for Gabe1955
    Wait a Minute-Fuckin tuneThis Rocks like mother
  • Avatar for julietdeville00
    one of the best of Rod's
  • Avatar for Bee4Cee
    absolutely great voice ;-)
  • Avatar for Gabe1955
    When he was genius. (2)
  • Avatar for wordsmiths
    Faces! Always a good track!
  • Avatar for mike1048
    did some good stuff with jeff beck
  • Avatar for lottadogs
    takes me back, cruzin around, drinkin, toking with my freinds
  • Avatar for mitchn
    When he was genius.
  • Avatar for boscopud
    Thanks Brian!!! :-)
  • Avatar for broncodevil
    Every picture tells a story donut......
  • Avatar for Angelina56
    Hes's a great rocker......!
  • Avatar for FIERFOX1
  • Avatar for proudmary56
    OOOOH.... I really cant put into words just how pleased I am t be back on line.....Whoopee !!!!!! Rod has done such great charity work of late.. Well done Sir... Nor bad for an ex grave digger? I believe... Keep on rockin Rod "The Mod"........!!!!!
  • Avatar for doctorjmo
    love 'em!! happy spring!!
  • Avatar for Elodave
    Rod The Mod strikes gold again.Top man.
  • Avatar for jeh2112
    You really have to own this album!
  • Avatar for hanselldesign
    Saw him in 1973, Wembley show Then in a pub 1975 in London "alright lads?" he said. I think that set him up for life! Me? I still got me gladrags!
  • Avatar for BigHans1
    Absolute genius track
  • Avatar for plaidsheep
    Rod totally sells this one. Great song!
  • Avatar for machsen
    It's true. Rod Stewart used to be good.
  • Avatar for stu3700
    the man's got soul.
  • Avatar for tallpaul1
    Superb Rod! =)
  • Avatar for lindakerr
    love it come on the glasgow celtic
  • Avatar for rosebudz
    my favorite......
  • Avatar for Lynchola
    Scots soul songstress Maggie Bell belts out a verse with Rod at his best - get in there!
  • Avatar for pompeydin
    Nearly as old as I am but this album is pure quality, Rod the Mod evolved into a folk rock genius, I absolutely love his version of The Temptations "I'm Losin' You"
  • Avatar for marcy50
    Great ol'' him!
  • Avatar for Dyard1
    all hail SIR ROD......
  • Avatar for rosebudz
    kicks rock & roll ass!
  • Avatar for abstrators
    Sim, uma imagens, uma fotografia, qualquer evento congelado traz e faz história. É o momento que não percebemos e neste, tantas conclusões chegamos e por tal, pela imortalização deste momento enfim, concluímos e sentimos saudade da juventude do passado, da nossa atual velhice.
  • Avatar for jmoss111
    great song on one of my all time favorite albums
  • Avatar for OutTaGetMe87
    What a voice this man has. There's no mistaking Rod for anyone else.
  • Avatar for cnrapha
  • Avatar for Angelina56
    Britt was your true love..!!!!!! Does doe'snt it Rod!!!!!
  • Avatar for roddan58
    classic song from the good years
  • Avatar for Sal-ival
    "this is much better than what he does now " sad but true.. his rock-era is nostalgic
  • Avatar for bicknor
    It does, and Dorian Grey famously did not like his picture. Cant say that I blame him, under the circumstances.


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