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  • Avatar for SEVENFOLDX7
    ... Love ... Eternally .!
  • Avatar for ksekthor
    Labeled <3
  • Avatar for Aryan2205
    Favorite Color <3
  • Avatar for atomsaerynlove
    my favorite band of all time .! Cris brown with your brother and band members show more talent and wisdom with their messages from their music than elvis presley , the bettles with john lennon , and whitney houston , and michael jackson and every other musical artist ever known to mankind through out all of time in the history of all creation .!
  • Avatar for Musikgehirn
    the Blueprint for Writhing EP is awesome!
  • Avatar for Anita_Nesina
    Love Song <3
  • Avatar for mattimek
    + A Day To Be Alone +
  • Avatar for cenna91
    love this band! :) [2]
  • Avatar for saerynlove
    ... one less reason ... thankyou so much for all your inspiration .! i love your newest musical passions ... blueprints for writing ...
  • Avatar for Hartius
    love this band! :)
  • Avatar for SCOPETRIED
    Blueprints <3
  • Avatar for sumo_man
    fantastic EP [2]
  • Avatar for KZBRZ
    Million Miles <3
  • Avatar for KZBRZ
    fantastic EP
  • Avatar for katia111
    cool band
  • Avatar for Extreme_Killer
    season's by brent smith.
  • Avatar for STEALTH42
  • Avatar for cantstophating-
    best <3
  • Avatar for SCOPETRIED
    Better days <3
  • Avatar for OrangeMM
  • Avatar for Dark_Shuren
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  • Avatar for vadimnekrasov
    Охеренная группа!! Где я раньше был !?
  • Avatar for eqsmetal
    Amazing Band Man
  • Avatar for LibertineLA
    This band is awesome!!!!
  • Avatar for DominikaBFMV
    77 <3
  • Avatar for SEVENFOLDX7
    musical ... gods.! my favorite band.!
  • Avatar for coolalchick
    Love this group!!!!
  • Avatar for peac3_Jun3
    the best
  • Avatar for Andromache0411
    "If You Want Me" is so addicting... whenever I'd zone out, I'd magically find myself writing down the lyrics to it. It describes my relationship with this guy friend of mine so well. For over 6 months we haven't been talking the way we used to... the lyric "I spent the whole year on my face" comes to mind.. </3
  • Avatar for KsuVarenichek
  • Avatar for rrrundberg
    <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for TwoToneBlue83
    They used to be signed to Universal Records, but they were dropped for some reason.
  • Avatar for TwoToneBlue83
    Why isn't When Doves Cry here? Awesome remake.
  • Avatar for zehpatchy
    don't understand how you guys haven't hit big yet tbh
  • Avatar for Cryz-RKK
    I am so thankful for bands like this
  • Avatar for AtotIK
  • Avatar for Mielok
    Great new album! Well done!
  • Avatar for TakinbyTigers
    great sound!
  • Avatar for Stb1990
    Yep, i like his voice, narrow minded me at that tho ;)
  • Avatar for lunastorm
    Really bad analogy, can't stop listening ♥♥♥
  • Avatar for GrafittyKitty29
  • Avatar for ALEX_wave_BELL
    Love their songs!!!
  • Avatar for mikkim1ke
    they are one of the best!
  • Avatar for HildePewz
    I can't believe they're not signed! Their stuff is amazing ♥
  • Avatar for TwiztiD_Torment
    this is one of my fav. bands every time they come to jackson tennessee i always go see them there just awesome
  • Avatar for xomma4ik
    A Day to Be Alone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Archangel290
    Sadly Smiling Through is the BEST song!!!
  • Avatar for jhawks
    If this band is still unsigned, there is no justice left in this sorry world.
  • Avatar for kosciubdg
  • Avatar for TwiztiD_Torment
    4 seasons is a bad ass song


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