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  • Avatar for James-Joul
  • Avatar for jcotteri
    Awesome, single listen and purchase of PAN.. Absolutely for me this music.
  • Avatar for balducco
    galera que ouve Manual do Brasil, votem nessa foto aqui
  • Avatar for chickendude
    Hip hop anarquista:
  • Avatar for baxinski
    you should also check Keith Canisius, another brilliant danish producer who flies above the same spirits, especially in this great track:
  • Avatar for billnepill2
    Awash is just ... Pure genius
  • Avatar for andinfos
    ich höre manual sehr gerne.
  • Avatar for Unkn0wnumb3rs
    I just realised this is the guy that collaborated with Ulrich Schnauss on [album artist=Ulrich Schnauss]Ulrich Schnauss and Jonas Munk[/album]
  • Avatar for microlabmss
    Beacons понравилась ,остальное для поклонников
  • Avatar for TroyFox
    This is just the kind of music I've been wanting to listen to lately. A lot of same warmth that Tycho's music has.
  • Avatar for mushroomsseason
    positive daydreaming
  • Avatar for baxinski
    the official info from Jonas Munk's facebook says that the new six track Manual mlp, entitled "Awash", will be out on Darla Records on November 6! :)
  • Avatar for Angerwave
    Open Skies <3
  • Avatar for sls
    Confluence is expertly crafted, pure ambient, unadulterated by beats or melody. Even though it only came out 4 years ago, it's something of a personal classic for me. Kinda surprised it doesn't show up on his charts, but it does stand apart from his other work.
  • Avatar for piyp
    hello. Somebody can give the reference to loading of an album "Confluence". Please!
  • Avatar for PollysParadise
    lol clams casino used "1986" on Real Shit From a Real Nigga
  • Avatar for spreadblood4
    dukha is telling the truth
  • Avatar for ninivilla
    love you
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    +1 aerosol . also [artist]cell[/artist] comes highly recommended by not only me but other manual fans.
  • Avatar for baxinski
    if you like Manual you might also like this guy:
  • Avatar for WavesofMagenta
    @cpdomina & @ xXTransystemXx Thank you so much, both of you. That album is absolutely incredible! One of my favorite collaborations for sure. Do you know if it will EVER be released to the public? I mean, I could snag it through Audacity, as i'm sure alot of people have already done, but i'd feel much better if I could have it legitimately :)
  • Avatar for xXTransystemXx
  • Avatar for cpdomina
    @WavesofMagenta Officially, nowhere. The album wasn't released to the general public. You can preview the album on this webpage, though: Just click on the album cover (Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk - PED A010) at the header of that page
  • Avatar for WavesofMagenta
    Where can I get the Ulrich Schnauss and Jonas Munk album from?????
  • Avatar for baxinski
    @exotic248 - go for Manual's collaboration with Syntaks ("Golden Sun"), it`s my favourite after "drowned in light". you'll be delighted. than try his work with Ulrich Schnauss (Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk - "Epic"). his first two albums are still very good too (especially "Until Tomorrow").
  • Avatar for exotic248
    just discovered manual. drowned in light is fabulous. where should i go from here?
  • Avatar for baxinski
    Manual`s remix of Karola Bloch (by Port-Royal) is truly, madly, deeply fantastic. ten times better than the original version.
  • Avatar for caroosyrup
  • Avatar for thehumanweapon
    A Familiar Place.
  • Avatar for beablossom
    awesome dreamy music !
  • Avatar for sersilva
    spain is wating for you!
  • Avatar for reimusho
  • Avatar for WH4RXOR3
    I love Manual!!!
  • Avatar for lethalimpulse
    beautiful beyond words!
  • Avatar for Shaped
    Just began listening to Drowned In Light. I especially like Phainomenon.
  • Avatar for OrangeCrushn
    absolutely love the new album, more like a return to the "old" stuff:)
  • Avatar for PaddyCM
    fucking love manual. 8)
  • Avatar for red-green-blue
    ------>[group]Dreamy Music For Those Who Have Inner Peacefulness[/group]
  • Avatar for mvodak
    brilliant music.
  • Avatar for ahmetceviz
    ızdırasviti türtsiya kakdela ruski çelevek
  • Avatar for reyesb76
    Jonas is releasing a new album this April. Sounds like David Sylvian meets Boards of Canada, with the Manual edge. Great stuff!
  • Avatar for baxinski
    "He just puts out generic ambient stuff now that sounds like background music to some cheap relaxation cd. Where's the emotion gone Jonas?". I complately agree with CraigEvanson. Ascend is my favourite one.
  • Avatar for caroosyrup
    beautiful always.....
  • Avatar for rodanside
    Confluence is a step in the right direction. Much less cheesy than his post-Ascend, pre-Confluence work.
  • Avatar for jasperboer
    Jonas, I long for more material towards Azure Vista! Your ambient is solid, but Azure Vista was just magic... Regards, [artist]Jap Jap[/artist]
  • Avatar for Heemit
    Can't get enough of Confluence, it's great!
  • Avatar for Hybrinth
    Lunate is my fav! : D
  • Avatar for xgeorgx
  • Avatar for postdawn
    Every day for over a year now, I've been listening to Manual's similar artists as my daily mix. I've found so much other great music through this radio. Thanks Jonas. You are the shiznit, seriously.
  • Avatar for thirdprofile
    i just properly looked into manual recently and listened to the albums "azure vista" and "lost days, open skies and streaming tides" both tonight for the first time. all i have to say is wow.


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