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Deathspell Omega


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(1998 – present)

Deathspell Omega are a French band. Their lyrical content deals primarily with Satanism on a metaphysical level – as the band has stated that “all other interpretations of Satan are intellectually invalid” – and other various theological topics. They have recently completed a series of three concept albums which focus on the theological aspects of God, Satan and man’s relationship with the two. Some of their lyrical inspiration has come from the post-surrealist Georges Bataille as well as existentialist themes.

Deathspell Omega was created by Hasjarl as a side project before Hirilorn broke up. After Hirilorn split Shaxul, Hasjarl and Khaos carried on with Deathspell Omega as a three piece. Eventually, Mikko Aspa replaced Shaxul on vocals due to distaste for the band turning direction towards Orthodox Satanism.

Hasjarl is the owner of End All Life Productions and one of the main guys behind Norma Evangelium Diaboli.
Mikko Aspa is the owner of Northern Heritage Records and Freak Animal Records (power-electronics label). He is also supposed to own a prog rock label called Totuuden Sarvi Levyt.
Shaxul (ex member) is the owner of Legion of Death Records.

Formed in 1998.


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  • versionfiv

    stop using big words i have no idea what's going on

    Yesterday 3:31am Reply
  • IG0tErection

    Kenose you guys

    29 Sep 1:07am Reply
  • patisawesome121

    It took me awhile, but I think that SMRC is my favorite DSO release. But, Paracletus is still a masterpiece.

    28 Sep 11:17pm Reply
  • patisawesome121

    Reading the lyrics I noticed that the theism of SMRC was masterfully coated with an existentialist/nihilist thematic in later releases adding to their depth. One of the very few bm bands where lyrics really matter [2]

    28 Sep 10:30pm Reply
  • AbrasiveMurk

    Mass Grave Aesthetics is what you're talking about right? Nihilistic thematic?

    27 Sep 10:54am Reply
  • altered_vlad

    Reading the lyrics I noticed that the theism of SMRC was masterfully coated with an existentialist/nihilist thematic in later releases adding to their depth. One of the very few bm bands where lyrics really matter.

    27 Sep 8:19am Reply
  • SlaveOfN1l

    I think someone has a bit of a sociopathic crush ;)

    27 Sep 4:46am Reply
  • belgiumsucks

    Yeah, and while I was doing that, you were wishing that you had a vagina so that you COULD "cream" to those songs you tagged as such.

    26 Sep 10:21pm Reply
  • SlaveOfN1l

    There was no bridge to begin with. He got high, thought he was Jesus and tried to walk on water, and drowned

    26 Sep 8:57pm Reply
  • JBThazard

    belgiumsucks burned the very bridge he was crossing

    26 Sep 7:01pm Reply
  • PrimordialAtom

    Slave, if you think the tone of their latter albums is 'synthetic', I suggest getting your ears cleaned. Stat. The guitar tone alone is testament to that; it's barely even distorted and much more overdriven. Also, the fact that althefknamsrtkn has absolutely no fucking clue about what triggering involves is not surprising. DsO are as far removed from most 'metal' as Godflesh are from the beatles, so your point about them validating something they don't even belong to is completely moot, and try hard in the extreme. Also, fuck Judas Priest.

    26 Sep 3:23pm Reply
  • belgiumsucks

    @SlaveOfN1|: Shut up, Simonas. Also, look up proper usage of the word "platonic ." @Everbody else writing long, boring sentences, which are made up of a ton of uninformative words; all striving to out-paragraph the previous dipshits' posts: What are you actually going on about ? Seriously ? You know nothing about this band, or about what instruments were or weren't used on the more recent recordings of DsO. You are debating about nothing over nothing and for those who were never impressed by this band: What ? You want a fucking refund on all those albums you downloaded for free off of the Internet, or what ? If your posts on here don't prove just how scatterbrained most of you posting on here are about music, then your "how-are-you-hun ? I'm-good-how-about-you-hun" ping-pong shouts are a good indication as to how moronic you are/worthless you're "opinions" are. You write out a bunch of shit all day long, attempting to get smarter, or what ?

    26 Sep 7:09am Reply
  • SlaveOfN1l

    I personally hear the "mechanical/synthetic" elements in later DSO but that only applies in a production/instrumentation kind of way. It doesn't make the composition or the overall effect of the songs disingenuous to me. [2] My point exactly, metal isn't as artistically Platonic as the autistic losers over at ANUS make it out to be

    26 Sep 2:43am Reply
  • JBThazard

    Also, I don't think people believe that things "need" to be intellectually reaffirmed, the reason why people like to learn or like to become smarter (and that's including devaluing the opinions of others by calling them pseudo-intellectuals, because using big academic buzzwords like ostentatious or pretentious is its own kind of veiled intellect) is because people like discovery and new perspectives. They do it because they can and want to. No one makes music because they absolutely have to or need to. Contrary to what a fraction of people claim on this site with groups like "Music is my Girl/Boyfriend" people can survive relatively easily without music or any intellectual/artistic notions related to music. I personally hear the "mechanical/synthetic" elements in later DSO but that only applies in a production/instrumentation kind of way. It doesn't make the composition or the overall affect of the songs disingenuous to me.

    23 Sep 8:02am Reply
  • JBThazard

    It sounds like it's time to ask ourselves what exactly is the spirit of metal. Is it music first, musicians second, or the other way around? Because if it's music first, then the final product of the listening experience (synthetic drums versus a man with drumsticks) shouldn't matter very much, if at all. If a musical idea wants to portray something that would otherwise be too difficult for a person to physically manage or execute, then I don't see a problem with that. One reason why I don't care for DJing is because they perform sounds that are well within the limits of the human body to perform, but the argument to that is that one-man bands can be convenient in the same way that an electronic device with multiple functions is more useful than a book.

    23 Sep 7:51am Reply
  • Jureiko

    *althefknamsrtkn*, in one of your journals you criticize behavior when people "broadcast to everyone that--wink wink--they know better". Isn't that exactly what you're doing here ? You listen to hellhammer, bathory and venom and come to DsO shoutbox to criticize their music for some bullshit reason like programmed drums of ''lack of true metal spirit''. You're the one who's missing the point not DsO

    22 Sep 2:15pm Reply
  • belgiumsucks

    I write a second post to see my second post. Because I'm smart, too.

    21 Sep 11:54pm Reply
  • belgiumsucks

    @althefknamsrtkn: Who are you ? You seim "seam"... I mean, seem like a are really smarty person. You are is know what your... I mean, you're talking about and I should know about these things cause I reed.. I mean, read through some of them "shouts" you leave yourself through other user names... And I am sure you is smart. If someone on hear... I mean, here challenges against something you write about the knowledge you have about bands and music and shite, then I will tell them you're smart. OK? By the way, I seed whar u like dumb shit metal bands and so I thinked parhaps you should check out a non-existence, physically, band who is fronted by a semi-good drummer who pays overgrown semi-retarded guys to write the music (and programme the drums which this drummer will play live if they ever get a gig). This band is up your fucking alley of shit, I think:

    21 Sep 11:52pm Reply
  • althefknamsrtkn

    That their later stuff is "inorganic" seems like a natural byproduct of conforming to every modern metal recording/production cliche, rather than an artistic decision. Regardless of how smarty-pants their songwriting & aesthetic is. DSO are grandmasters at missing the point. All that cheesy 'evil' mathrock noodling and purple Latinese, and they still have no concept of the 'spirit' that made metal awesome. The whole thing is an exercise in "intellectually validating" something that doesn't need to be intellectually validated. Conan the Barbarian doesn't need "abstract" nonlinear storytelling and and existentialist poetry shoehorned in

    21 Sep 10:28pm Reply
  • althefknamsrtkn

    Triggers signify an extreme lack of taste to me. I just get no joy listening to some DJ drummer pretending to hit pads like a drummer hits drums.

    21 Sep 10:12pm Reply
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