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Budzillus is a Berlin street band that will be happy to take the stage and whose music style is difficult to describe: trash gypsy swing core or street polk'n'roll. Started up in 2006 as "Budzillus & Die Antikörper" have the Budzilli rid 2008 of the antibodies and has been touring as "Budzillus". During that time the current two EP's and the first BudZillus album were created.

Band members (2008):

Robert Kondorosi (tenor guitar, vocals),
Stefan Wolff (organ, flute, harmonica),
Eckard Friedrich (cajon, percussion),
Kornelius van der Zepp („what the f…ck is THIS??-upright bass“)
Luigi Antonio D’Urso (drums, beer bottle)

Honorable members:
Anton Kryukov(37-fingers-accordion!)
Prinzessin Kackewurst (banjo, trombone, le sexual revolution)
Mimmo Renzi (trumpet)
Matze Sturm (banjo)
Jakub Sobaszeck (keys)
Stefan Baier (percussion, whistle, general confusion)
Tobi „Schneider“(drums)
Doktor Toilet (accordion, jitterbug)
Alex Möckel (drums, percussion)
Pablo Quijote (trumpet)

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