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Brian and Tom began recording Black Camaro’s first album on a digital 16 track in 2002 in various bedrooms and living rooms throughout North Las Vegas with no expectation of releasing anything. A year later, the band released White People Fucked up the Blues; twelve month’s of 18 different emotions summed up on one LP. The album was soaked in Yamaha reverb and hung out to dry on a Casio afternoon. Amongst a soundscape of cheap drumbeats, angelic guitars and both solemn and superficial subject matter, the songs evoked a certain charm in listeners. After selling over 300 homemade copies to a band-less fan base, BC received positive album reviews and several articles. With a demand for a live performance, Black Camaro officially became a band in the winter of 2003. With the addition of James, Christian and Gary, Black Camaro embarked on a 36 day tour the following spring, selling over 500 copies of White People from their RV. With shows up the Pacific coast, from San Diego, CA to Bellingham, WA and moving as far east as El Paso, TX, the band was well received in 76% of the town’s they played in.

After returning home, Christian and Gary departed and Jason and Jeremy joined the group. Black Camaro secured it’s permanent home in the 910 recording studio, (two converted storage units, #9 and #10) in the shadows of the Orleans Casino. Within weeks, they began recording original score for an independent film which would later materialize into the concept album, Hang Glider, Black Camaro’s second full length album, released in June of 2005. The material took a U-turn from White People’s raw heat and replaced it with a more somber coolness. Between soft melodies and seedy characters sewn onto a backdrop of perpetual dusk, there lies the tale of a boy who fell from the sky. In comparison to their first album, Hang Glider enjoyed only minimal success, proving it was years ahead of it’s time.

In October of that same year, Black Camaro booked an exclusive night at the now defunct Aristocrat Bistro. After management refused to budge on the $30 cover charge, only able to justify the cost with a fully open bar, the band decided to write, record and release a free EP of new material. With less than a month of preparation, they pumped out Miniature Panthers, a 6 song CD. With no discernable spaces between songs, Miniature Panthers stealthily moves along like one unyielding overture. At only 17 minutes long, it became an instant success among fans which inspired the band to write and produce a short film for the entire album.

Completely self funded with a budget of only $6000, Black Camaro began building sets in a warehouse graciously donated by Sam Ash Megastore as well as several other locations in the Las Vegas Valley. In the summer of 2006, filming began on Miniature Panthers: The Motion Picture, a highly ambitious project consisting of over 25 crew members, and a cast of over 50 non-union actors. The film would take over 6 months to shoot in over 15 different locations even traveling as far as Los Angeles, CA. It would take just as long to edit the film enabling the band to focus on their live routine.

After a few lineup changes and several dozen shows in and out of town, in late 2007 Black Camaro scripted what would become the Black Camaro Variety Show, a live stage production hosted by Jewish Dave Rosen, based on Black Camaro lore. The show featured several miscellaneous BC related acts including but not limited to: live skits, hilarious spoken word versions of BC lyrics, My First Rodeo’s Michael Welsh performing the bands songs in an acoustic fashion, Black Camaraoke (instrumental versions of BC songs with videos) with guest star singers, all followed with a live set by the band. The true highlight of the night, though, was the premiere of Miniature Panthers The Motion Picture. Although it had taken nearly 2 years to complete, it was worth the wait for critics and fans alike. Black Camaro finally had an image to go along with it’s idiosyncratic tuneage.

With the arrival of 2008 and the addition of a new drummer (Scott), Black Camaro ventured into startling new territory. They came across the opportunity to record a new record with longtime friend, Mike “Lazer” Lavin, at Gung-Ho Studios in Eugene, OR. The studio provided them with access to an array of high end studio equipment and vintage instruments which suitably complemented the “new” sound Black Camaro set out to attain. Indeed, PistachioMoustachio’s tight, popping rhythms interlaced with mild psychedelic undertones gave the band their most accessible record to date. Released in late December, 2008, listeners rejoiced in its good natured sentiment and brutal catchiness.

Spring of 2009 would see the departure of Jason, who would soon be replaced by Rick Miller and Black Camaro began rehearsing new material for their third and long over due full length, Black Camaricans. BC currently practices 4 days a week and are recording demo versions of the songs for the new album, all the while trying them out on the live crowds.

In June the band was asked to play an all ages birthday show at The Gypsy Den on First Friday July 3rd. As a special treat for the young crowd unable to catch BC in their normal 21+ environment, the band recorded a new type of promo album to give away to 200 people. Thus Radio Capricorn was born. The 25 track CD is designed to sound like a radio show that plays Black Camaro’s catalog all day long. With several hosted shows and guest appearances, as well as comical commercials for phony drug stores and 12 of the bands songs, the promo album received praise from as far north as Oregon. On July 13th ’09, KPSU college radio in Portland played the entire album from beginning to end, only stopping to remind listeners that they were in fact not tuned in to KDIG, which are the call letters to the station on the album. The album is currently available for free download on Black Camaro’s Myspace page.

As the band prepares to lay down tracks for Black Camaricans in the summer heat, they are also currently penning a bio piece for Facebook. The bio piece includes several references to their past as well as names of releases and former members throughout the years. BC is also working on What’s Your favorite Movie? , a DVD which spans the first 5 years of their existence. The DVD will include every album from the first 5 years including b-sides and live recordings, The Drip music video, Miniature Panthers The Motion Picture with commentary tracks, every photo ever taken…ever, a scrapbook of handwritten lyrics and doodles, interviews and, if you can find them, the Black Camaraoke videos, which are hidden among the vast layers of the dual sized DVD. This and so much more.. Stay tuned!

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