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Widundret is a heavy metal band rooted in Östersund, Sweden. Formed in November 2017 by bassist Anders Eklund (Gut Ripper, Shrednekk & Stormgoat) and guitarist Alexander Lundgren (Gut Ripper, Tzaraath & Exogenous). Andreas Gustafsson (Royal Sin) joined the band as the second guitarist shortly after the formation. The founding members wanted a band that left out all the pressure of playing in technical bands. So instead they wanted to make songs that makes people want to pump their fists in the air, sing along with the lyrics and drink beer.

The influences for the band were a blend between 70s & 80s hard rock & heavy metal. With bands like Judas Priest, Motörhead, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Year of The Goat, Kiss and Candlemass as source of inspiration, the songwriting for the EP 'Unholy' began.

After trying out different singers and drummers the band recruited Micael 'Miffe' Svan (Myrah) on vocals in the spring of 2018. And in the summer Johan Åhs (Gamli Roth, Shrednekk & Stormgoat) joined in as their drummer.

Widundret recorded the EP 'Unholy' in the winter of 2019. During the mixing of the EP Andreas decided to part ways with the band, due to musical indifferences.
On June 16th the ep 'Unholy' was released. Later on the band were joined by John-Pether 'Joppe' Hedman Nilsson (Exogenous) , to fill the spot as the bands new guitarist, after Andreas departure.

Line-up 2019:
Micael 'Miffe' Svan: Lead Vocals (2018 - )
Anders Eklund: Bass, Backing Vocals (2017 - )
Alexander Lundgren: Guitars, Backing Vocals (2017 - )
Johan Åhs: Drums (2018 - )
John-Pether 'Joppe' Hedman Nilsson: Guitars, Backing Vocals (2019 - )

Former members:
Andreas Gustafsson: Guitars (2017 - 2019)

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