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waang is Roland Billberg, a D.I.Y. musician and producer from Staffanstorp Sweden. Twaang's music can range from metal to electronic. On Dark Angelit's straight up metal.

I have to be honest, when I saw an email come through and it was signed Twaang I did not know what to think. I have to remember this is rock and roll baby and anything goes so you have to stop and look at everything that comes your way because you could miss out on something special. I am glad I decided to listen to this artist, he is very talented and Dark Angel is a very good metal album.

There is a long list of things to talk about with Twaang but let's get to the core first. His vocal style is suitable for this kind of music; in fact his range allows him to go from a melodic rocker style to metal screamer. The instrumentation is exceptional, considering he did all the guitar work you have to really look at that and how difficult it is to put together a project like this when you are responsible for literally every aspect.

I have to say beyond being impressed with his overall versatility and natural talent I felt this album was able to hold my attention for many reasons. There is not one song that I felt the need to skip over, every one offered different nuances and an incredible energy, although variable in tone and feel ,Twaang gets his point over very well. Right from the beginning when you look at the album art you just know there is something dark and emotional awaiting you inside. If that is what you anticipate then you will not be disappointed.

Songs like "Blood on the Outside" are very strong and totally metal while "Mix It Up" sounds like it belongs on a mainstream power rock album. Twaang has a sound similar at times to Black Label Society. On "Mortal" it is more than just similar, the vocals and guitar sounds are spot on Zakk Wylde then he seemingly leaves the building and comes back reincarnated as mainstream rocker o "Mix It Up", incredible. This is part of the versatility I was eluding too earlier.

Dark Angel is extremely enjoyable if you like to rock and can appreciate and indie artist that shows you the sky is the limit if you have enough moxie to harness all of your talents in one recording session.

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