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Killer Zeus recorded the follow up to their hit record 'Burning Forest' during the wonderful swedish summer of 2009. Most of the release was recorded in a big house in the swedish outskirts where the band lived and worked for a week during the end of the summer. If you close your eyes you can probably smell the sweat, the liqour, and the sweet scent of the forest.

Influenced by the sweet art of lovemaking and dancing the band created 'Killer Zeus's dream No. 6', a true dance/rock-song bearing the strong and steady pulse of the 4 young gentlemens hearts. A 3-minute F* fest as some would put it.

During Killer Zeus' visit to Budapest in the spring of 2009, the band met the wonder of Matt Ellis, a journalist from Chicago living and surviving in Hungary's beautiful capitol. 'Matt Ellis, Budapest' is a song paying tribute to the great man, even though the song has no connection to him apart from the title.

'About anything' is one of Killer Zeus oldest songs, and probably one of their best, if you ask their fans. It is the song that layed the foundation for Killer Zeus' signature sound. This is actually the third time the song is being recorded. But as we all know: "The third time's a charm".

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