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bashed_monkey, also known as the "bashed_monkey noise experience", is a german based solo artist, who's style is described as "an exploration of humanities inherent tendency to create".
He is credited by his fans as the creator of the genre.
Although he is a much more profilic writer than musician, he has yet to produce a song which incorporates lyrics.
As a self-styled postmodern artist, he says that "the focus on technical excellency, which has returned in the post-punk era, is in my eyes not appropriate in times where people who master the craft of music, but not the art, can make millions of bucks. Since it has become more easy to produce music for the average man and woman, the focus of music should return to the appreciation of pure expression. Art is the externalisation of an inner state, therefore expression of emotions through music should not be confined by the strings of muscial theory, as emotions do not follow those rules AT ALL."
In accordance with this philosophy, his music reflects his recent transition from an atypical depression after a breakdown, to his "normal" bi-polar mind state. Thus producing music which at times seems disharmonic and unstructured, which might also be due to his music being "80% improvisation on motifs that turned up during playing aorund", as he says.
His current lifestyle might be described as "lovecraftian", since like the famous author, he imposed a voluntary isolation on himself, seldomly leaving his appartment in a german small-town.

Currently there are two EPs available for free online, with two distinct styles.
The older project is called "Crusty_Wounds", featuring an electronic sound, which he describes as "an attempt at the organic production of sound straight out of the subconscious mind".
The most recent product is "Quis quis amat. veniat.", taking its titel from a latin poem about the folly of love.
It is meant to showcase the development of an artist, since it features tracks played on the guitar, an instrument the artist hasn't touched in years.
The style of this EP (which is still "Under construction") is strongly influenced by his recent studies into blues music, but also his general interest in distorted guitar music.

Since he is not a great promoter when it comes to music, he has yet to reach a larger base of people.
But he says himself, that "This provides a certain intimacy to the music, so why should I go around waving cds? Risking that somebody might not like it…nah."

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