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Connect your Spotify account to your account and scrobble everything you listen to, from any Spotify app on any device or platform.

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Your music stats.

Track the music you stream by connecting to a music service or via our web client, app or a browser plugin.

View your stats in real time, receive weekly reports, access your listening history and much more.

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We find you music to love. uses your listening history to recommend you new music and events.

Find music to love on your personalized music page, Next_30 playlist or recommended radio.

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Rediscover your music.

Every song you've listened to, all in one place.

Access your entire listening history anytime relive specific days, view your all time stats and rediscover forgotten favorites.

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Music counts more with Pro

Explore, Experience and control more music.

Learn more is a music service that learns what you love.

Create your own profile, track what you listen to (we call this scrobbling) and get cool stuff like your own music charts, new music recommendations, and a big ol’ community of other music lovers.

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Share Your Taste

Your profile is like your musical calling card. When someone asks “What music are you into?”, your profile has all the answers; your all time top 10, your favourite new release, or that track you’ve had on repeat all week. It’s everything you really listen to.

Explore Your Listening History

Because you’ve got a record of everything you listen to, you can discover things you never knew about your listening habits. For example, find out when you first listened to your favourite band, or what time of day you listen most. We help you uncover the secrets of your listening history.

Discover New Music

Sometimes it’s difficult to find new music. What you need is an expert who knows your taste inside out to do the hard work for you. We make discovery easy by recommending things you’ll like, based on your taste and the taste of other listeners just like you.

Meet Your Musical Soulmates

Music’s a lot more fun when you’re sharing it with someone. On you can find like-minded music fans and discuss everything from your favourite artists and albums, to the latest obscure genre or big summer festival. No matter what you’re into, everyone’s welcome.

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