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  1. Hellfucked, lyrically inspired by darkness and satanism, is a black metal band from Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany found in 1995. The band was formerly…

  2. Camulos is a black metal band from Germany formed in 2002.

    The band is one of the most successful publications of the record label "Christhunt…

  3. 1.) Magog was a ,lyrically focusing on paganism, war and anti-christian beliefs, black metal band formed 1997 in Pirna, Saxony, Germany. After they…

  4. Ziontod is a Black Metal act from Germany. Formed in 2007, he is still active today.

    Ziontod himself does all the instruments and vocals. His main…

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  6. Black metal band from Germany.
    - 1993 - Die Erben des Bösen
    - 1997 - Vernichtungsfeldzug

  7. Heldentum was a black metal band formed in Germany in 1996.

  8. Wolfsmond is a Black metal band from Germany who formed in 1993. The band contains current and ex-members from Absurd and Eternity amongst…

  9. Black metal band from Germany (Kassel)
    - 2001 - Ewiges Reich
    - 2002 - Jerusolima Est Perdita/Ewiges Reich (split with Jerusolima Est…

  10. Halgadom is a German mixed-style project, releasing both Neofolk and Pagan/Black Metal material.

    The project started as a solo venture of Frank…

  11. Gassturm is a NS-Black Metal Band from Germany.
    The only member "Katarrh" released 3 demos and participated in a split with Rabennacht.

  12. There are mutliple artists with this name:

    1) Permafrost is a Black metal band from Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.

    Official Website

    2) Permafrost is a …

  13. Black metal band from Germany.
    - 2002 - The Rise of the Zyklon-B (demo)
    - 2007 - Alpha Germania

  14. Runenblut is a "German Heathen Black Metal" formation from Bavaria which members are Morgoth (instruments, songwriting, recording) and Fjalar…

  15. Black metal band from Germany. They have released a demo (2007) and a split with Ziontod (2008). The band is currently on hold.

  16. Raw German black metal band. Released a demo in 2006, only to split up a year later. Featured member(s) of Blutklinge.

  17. Ornaments of Sin is a black metal band from Sarreguemines, France formed in 2001. The band's name is taken from the Darkthrone song Lifeless.…

  18. Schiffbruch 88 is a black metal band from Berlin, Germany.

    Members :
    Jeweller von Zion-Kali - Guitars, Drums
    Sin-Agoge - Keyboards
    Kohl-Rabbi -…

  19. In the year 2004, short time after the warriors of GEWEIH had split up, the time had come for a new formation to rise from the mist, called…

  20. There are two Blutraches:

    1. NSBM band from Finland, formed in 1999
    Last known line-up:
    Satanic Tyrant Werwolf aka Nazgul (Satanic Warmaster)…


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