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Johnny FountainS is a Shred Lord who's done many cool albums, such as covers of Judas Priest's "Painkiller". He likes Fiona Apple and has admitted to having foot fetish at one point. He lives with his mom and dad and listens to Megadeth loudly. He likes to give a "hello" to the ladies of Last FM. Johnny likes Darkhawk from Marvel Comics. Johnny's 2 favorite females from comics are Psylocke and Zatanna. Johnny likes the video games of Samurai Shodown 2, Samurai Shodown 1 and World Heroes 2. Johnny likes Millipede for the arcade. His favorite female musician is Vanessa Carlton. He also likes Sheryl Crow and The Donnas. Johnny is influenced by Slayer and Anthrax. Johnny's favorite super model is Shayna Lee. He likes Guns and Roses, ACDC and Led Zeppelin. Johnny also likes Iron Maiden, Diamond Head and Mercyful Fate with some King Diamond. He likes Warlock and Doro Pesch. Johnny likes D R I, Death Angel and Fates Warning. He likes The Black Cat, Elektra and the Fantastic 4 Comics. Johnny likes Girlschool and Kreator. Johnny's favorite new comic book artist and writer is Peach Momoko. Johnny wants to be tagged Megadeth instead of Variella. Instead of Cindy, Johnny should be tagged Slayer. Instead of Christy V Johnny should be tagged Anthrax. Fix your tags girls. Johnny likes Slave Princess Laya from the Star Wars Anime. Johnny likes Bermuda the Jungle girl comics. Johnny likes a Chinese girl from the Olympics 2021. Suni Lee is that girl. Johnny likes Yui Osahi from Tokyo Japan. Yui Osahi won a gold medal in free style swimming, in the 2020 Olympics. Johnny broke up with Kuroneko. Fix your tags to Shayna Lee. Johnny met a new Mexican American girl. The girl and Johnny said hi to each other and thanks and your welcome. Johnny bought beer from The Mexican American girl. Johnny likes Squirrel girl comics. Johnny likes Jade Kush. Johnny likes Zoe Parker and Nikki Fritz. Rust in peace Nikki Fritz and Zoe Parker. Johnny likes Aj Applegate and Dolly Little. Johnny likes Christine Nguyen and Syren almost as much as Shayna Lee.
Johnny likes Misha and the Wolves the movie. Misha is a German girl who lived with Wolves during The Holocaust. Johnny is German like Misha. The book is better. The name of the book is, Surviving with Wolves. Johnny still likes Carmen Moreno. Johnny likes Bunny Girl The Anime. Bunny Girl is Mai Sakurajima Johnny might go back to STC to study music, There are no dorms in STC. Johnny might go to Xoticas to pick up a girl. Mystery of Illusion Records like Johnny and vice versa. Johnny has a subscription to Darkhawk now. Johnny prefers Darkhawk to The Punisher. Johnny prefers Invisible Woman to wolverine. Johnny is excited for Darkhawk on Disney Plus. Johnny likes Senjutsu by Iron Maiden. Johnny likes the cover to Senjutsu by Iron Maiden. Johnny watches Detective Conan, Johnny went to Monster Jam for the 2nd time in 2021. Johnny's dad got him a soda and a Gravedigger Toy there, Johnny likes Kristen Anderson from Monster Jam, Johnny likes the female hostess also, Johnny likes the Korean band, Dreamcatcher. Johnny likes the new Dulce Maria record and cd. The Sick The Dying and The Dead by Megadeth is imminent. Johnny likes the new Sheena comics. Johnny is on a strict training regime. Get ready to see skinny Johnny. Johnny likes Remi Wolf. Johnny likes Nature girl from Marvel comics. Nature girl killed many people for littering. Johnny resusubcribed to regular Elektra comics. He likes Kate Bishop comics. Johnny is recollecting comics his cousin albert stole from him. Xmen Classic 86 was 1st.Johnny likes Hiroko Watanabe. Johnny likes Cayna the Elf girl, Johnny likes Glori Gold the girl, Johnny's new hit is Oops the medicine, Johnny likes the new Exhumed ep, Johnny likes the 12 ovas of Ranma 1/2 on dvd. Johnny scored his 4th hit with, Hit me baby with Sake, Johnny wishes to have Fiona Apple's speech and the hitman's theme song back on last fm, as his 3rd and 4th hit, Johnny scored his 5th hit, with Welcome to Hell lyrics. Johnny got his 6th, 7th and 8th hit on last fm, Johnny got into She Hulk comics, Johnny congratulates James McAvoy for getting the job to play Darkhawk in the mcu, Johnny should be tagged Rock instead of Cindy, Johnny likes Anna Clumsky in the Red Shoe Diaries, It's the episode called Landromat, Johnny wishes the Surviving with wolves movie, would make it to English, in the Usa, Johnny would like to have, She's a gold digger as a hit from his top hits, wish Johnny luck giving Sonia Bombella some Ruby earrings or a carnation, rake cindy off of Johnny's tags and put in Sonia, also Johnny would like to treat flea markets as clubs and maybe bars, Johnny got into Silver Surfer Rebirth comics. Johnny got Tiffany's 1st album. Johnny got Darkstalkers Omega on dvd, Johnny likes an emo girl from kans and kegs, Johnny likes the Voivod from 2022, Johnny likes the book called the life of pi, Johnny is happy that Florida can't make fun of Aryans anymore. Johnny likes the new Darkhawk Airborne Trade Paper Back, Johnny got a movie called Sex Pot by Christine Nguyen, Johnny watches Cobra Kai if not mentioned before, He was drawn as Fidel Castro by some guy on last fm, Johnny should have Jeanne Salinas or Shayna Lee drawn as Yoko Ono young, Johnny got a movie called Emmanuelle 2 in the mail, Johnny likes the Asian girls in it, Johnny was married to an Elf girl named Deedlit in a dbz/sailor moon chatroom, Deedlit was an Elf Mage from Record of lodoss war, Deedlit had blonde hair and blue eyes with pointy ears, Deedlit had 2 kids with Johnny, Johnny wants Deedlit back, take off the Christy V tag and put in Deedlit, Deedlit used to have a Crush on Vega and Ken from the street fighers, Deedlit thinks Yamcha is the hottest guy in dbz, or Tien, Deedlit and Johnny's kids were Yamcha Jr and Bulma the second, Johnny still likes Shayna Lee, even though Shayna Lee is 47 now, Johnny likes the One Piece movie Strong World, Johnny wants to see the new Tia Carrere movie Easter Sunday, Johnny is friends with Gretchen Gorman on youtube, Johnny got Senjutsu by Iron Maiden, his aong Nikki Fritz Tribute has more watches on youtube than the hitman's theme, Johnny broke up with Sandra. Sandra told Johnny to get an American gf. Johnny rold Sandra Goodbye 1000 times, Johnny got into The Virtua Fighter anime, Johnny like Pai from Virtua Fighter, Johnny beat Virtua Fighter 4 as Sarah Bryant, Johnny beat Virtua Fighter 2 for Genesis as Pai Chan, Johnny likes The Northman movie, Johnny resents harmony gold keeping Macross under the robotech name, Johnny still likes Sears guitars buy harmony gold though, Johnny owns every episode of The Bionic Woman on dvd, Johnny might become a Pro Musician, Johnny likes Shuma Gorath as Gargantos in Dr. Strange 2, Johnny got a Jackson King V guitar, Johnny quit playing fatal fury and king of fighters games because the prince of arabia black listed Mai Shiranui, Johnny misses Mai Shiranui, Johnny needs Chun Li Zhang now that Mai Shiranui is no more,

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