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Born May 3rd, 1983 7:00 am. In Mcallen, Texas. Raised in Alamo, Texas. Johnny used to hum capcom game music when he was little. Johnny likes the game Blood Storm. Johnny likes Shayna Lee and Megadeth. Johnny likes Samurai Shodown games. At age 10 Johnny's parents got divorced once and Johnny fell off a swing very high. Johnny used to date Norma alot during his 20s. Johnny has been to the mental hospital 15 times and once more for back surgery. Johnny likes Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax. With Vanessa Carlton, Fiona Apple and Amy Grant. Johnny plays guitar and sings. Norma is Johnny's ex gf. Johnny likes Jeanie Salinas in the 80s and still likes Jeanie. Jeanie Salinas Is Japanese. Johnny likes Sod, Excel and D R I. Johnny has a Ninja Gym Degree. Johnny reads Marvel Comics. Dark hawk Tpbs, Blackbird Comics, Elektra Tpbs, The Punisher Comics, Sheena Comics, Shanna Tpbs, Psylocke Comics and Domino Comics. Johnny is friends with Stephanie Bellars, Molly Holly. Madusa and Kimona Wana Laya on facebook. johnny has survived 2 car accidents and back surgery. Johnny likes Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. Johnny likes GNR, ACDC and Led Zeppelin. Johnny likes Black Sabbath, Ozzy and Dio. Johnny likes Mercyful Fate and King Diamond with Crowded House and Vinnie Moore. Warlock and Doro. Johnny likes Iron Maiden and Girlschool the band. Johnny likes Exodus and Testament. Johnny likes the movie Kickboxer 1989 with Mylee in it. Johnny likes The 4 warlock movies. Warlock 1, 2 and 3 with part 4 being the house with the clock in it's walls. Johnny's Dad hates the cover to GNR's appetite for destruction. Johnny likes GNR's Appetite for Destruction unlike his dad. Johnny likes Primus, Possessed and Alice in chains. Johnny watches anime sometimes. Johnny's favorite anime is Zeta Gundam. Johnny likes YYH and Kenshin. For more Mecha, johnny likes Go Lion, Voltes V, ZZ Gundam, Char's Counter Attack, Gundam Stardust Memory, Gundam F 91, Victory Gundam, Gundam Unicorn and Gundam IBO. Johnny also likes Gundam Wing Endless Waltz, G Gundam, Gundam 00, Gundam Seed and Gundam X. Johnny likes El Cazador De La Bruja, Kiddy Grade. Johnny likes Samurai Shodown, Fatal Fury the ova series, the art of fighting, Bunny Girl, Angolmois, Goblin Slayer, Record of Lodoss War and Dororo 2019. Johnny likes Shayna Lee, Ai Wan and Syren from Cinemax. johnny likes Griffin Drew. Johnny likes Tia Carrere. Johnny won a magic the gathering league in 1997 and a second place chess trophy in 1999. Johnny likes Dungeons and Dragons the anime. Johnny likes the Dragonlance comic series and movie. Johnny prefers Ally Sheedy to Molly Ringwald. Johnny likes Nine inch nails and Korn. Johnny hopes Molly Holly goes into the wwe hall of fame. Johnny likes Madusa, who is Alundra Blayze, in the hall of fame. Johnny likes the 6 punisher movies, 2 of which are anime and the punisher's show. Johnny also likes Iron Fist the show. Johnny likes Shakira and Dulce Maria. Johnny likes Alejandra Guzman. Johnny's favorite guitar player is Jeff Young. Johnny's favorite pianist is Vanessa Carlton. Johnny likes Chris Poland, md 45, Dave Mustaine Solo. Johnny likes Yngwie Malmsteen. Johnny thinks Mylee from Kickboxer 1989 looked hot in Fright Night Part 2 1988. Johnny has depression, aspergers and diabetes. Johnny likes Midnight Oil. Johnny got most of his Generation 1 transformers toys back from ebay and walmart. Johnny likes Sheila from DND the Cartoon and Queen Mesmira from Conan the adventurer. Johnny likes Queen Sulinara from Conan and the young warriors. Johnny likes the Baroness from GI Joe A real American hero. Johnny likes Arcee from Transformers Generation 1. Johnny likes Rogue and Psylocke from X men Animated. Johnny prefers Megadeth to metallica. Johnny likes Joss Stone. Johnny used to play Samurai Shodown and King of fighters with Tiffany Sanchez. Johnny likes the Ninja Robots anime. Johnny is said to sound like Dave Mustaine. Johnny likes Diamond Head and Motorhead. Johnny likes Sarah Carlson from Donna Texas. Johnny lives in Alamo. Johnny likes the Terminatrix from terminator 3. Johnny likes Monster Jam. Johnny likes the Storm Shadow comics from 2007. Johnny likes Miku Hatsune. Johnny bought a Sheila The Thief Statue. Johnny likes Aero Comics and Sword Master comics. Johnny has his own website. Johnny still likes Samurai 7 the anime and Moribito the anime. Johnny likes Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs from Swat Kats. Johnny likes the Ranma 1/2 anime. Johnny is into the rumic world and is a Kenshin boy. Johnny might marry Jeannie Salinas from the 80s. Johnny and Jeannie were bf and gf in the 80s. Johnny likes Sonia Bombella. Johnny plans on becoming Deputy Mayor of Alamo City after he finishes being a rock star. Johnny likes Silver Sable Comics. Johnny likes Billie Eilish because of the video for Xanny. Johnny likes Brooke Fraser. Johnny likes The Seven deadly sins anime. Johnny likes a game called Deadstorm Pirates. Johnny got into the blob from 1988 and it's ending song. Johnny still likes Shawnee Smith from the Saw movies. Johnny might marry Variella. Johnny likes Fantastic Four comics. Johnny is friends with Sarah Blevins on facebook. Sarah Blevins is married. Johnny likes a girl named Nicole Oring from Cinemax. Johnny Likes Elektra the movie. Johnny likes Pink Floyd. Johnny likes Bjork. Johnny is on wikifeetX with Shayna Lee. Johnny likes the movie Sweepers. Johnny put I remember you, by Skid Row, on his channel, for Norma. Johnny likes Jack from Duncanville. Johnny likes The movies Pretty in pink and 16 candles. Yet Johnny prefers The Breakfast Club. Johnny got into The Aliens vs Predator Movies and Predator Movies. Johnny got into Gary Moore, because of Jeff Young's guitar lessons, on youtube. Johnny likes Sabrina The Teenage Witch comics. Johnny also likes Betty comics. Johnny prefers Death Angel to Dark Angel. Johnny likes Kimberly Harris from Duncanville. Johnny's album, Evil Queens, has yet to be published. Johnny's most liked song on his Cd is Queen Mesmira - A song about Norma. Johnny likes Natasha Yi. Johnny likes Robyn Hood Comics and Lady Deadpool. Johnny likes Lynn Michaels who is a female punisher. There is a photo of Johnny with Shayna Lee on youtube and wikifeetx. Tag Johnny with Megadeth. Johnny enjoys watching the movie, Showgirls. Johnny likes Elizabeth Berkley in Showgirls and as Sonya Blade in mk 1 the game. Johnny likes The Rocketeer movie. Johnny likes the old In Flames. Johnny got to see Jeannie Salinas on facebook. Johnny's dad bought Johnny a record player. Johnny still likes Ally Sheedy from The Breakfast Club. Johnny likes Yoko Ono. Johnny has seen every episode of Xmen Animated. Johnny prefers Zatanna from DC Comics to mileena from mk. Johnny likes the fact that Fiona Apple and Megadeth are now related musically. Johnny likes Duran Duran Marty Friedman and Yoko Ono is Johnny's soft side in music. Johnny's dad was a musician, just like Dweezil. Johnny's mom was a teacher. Johnny says he invented Avant Garde/Grunge. Johnny is happy Nin is in the hall of fame and hard rock cafe. Johnny says next year Fiona Apple will be in the hall of fame and hard rock cafe. Johnny got into Phoebe Bridgers and Soccer Mommy. Johnny sang Drillerbot with his mom while playing guitar on his 2nd album, Oldthanasia. Johnny likes Armaranthe. Johnny likes Goblin's Crown, which is the movie to Goblin Slayer. Johnny has decided to quit moving forward with anime. Johnny plans on going to bars and clubs after vaccination. The bar should be a rock and roll bar. Johnny hopes to see Tiffany Sanchez at the bar. Johnny got called Dark Hawk by his mom and dad for opening a can of ragu. Dark Hawk is Johnny's Favorite Super Hero. Dark Hawk is from Marvel Comics. Johnny likes Transformers War for cybertron. Johnny likes Lady Scorpion from Marvel Comics. Johnny owns 2 copies of Bonestorm. Johnny likes The Herbicides, from the California raisins. Johnny is happy Samurai Shodown 2 is on spotify. Johnny's favorite movie is Kickboxer 1989. It is because of Mylee, who is Rochelle Ashana in real life. Johnny plans on signing to Distrokid. Johnny's 2nd album, Oldthanasia is done. Oldthanasia has a hit on it called, mimicking grandpa. Johnny knows Jack Harris from Duncanville is a rocker. Johnny thinks Annie Harris is a nice girl form Duncanville. Johnny likes Pat Benatar. Johnny likes Knight Rider and The Bionic Woman. Johnny likes the Megadeth spoof from the Simpsons. You can compare Johnny to Dweezil Zappa alot. Johnny looks like The Penguin and Danny Devito. Johnny misses Nikki Fritz who died of lukemia. Rust in peace Nikki Fritz. Johnny likes the Dark Hawk trade paper back. Johnny likes the Mulan live action soundtrack. Johnny likes Yifie Liu. Johnny likes Yael Naim. Johnny likes Natalie Imburglia and Regina Spektor. Johnny likes taking care of Petunias. Johnny watches Yashahime. Rust in peace Van Halen. Johnny likes Heathen. Johnny likes Death the band. Johnny likes Van Halen. Johnny got into Punisher Warzone Comics. Aero comics and Sword Master comics have completed their runs. Johnny got into Wonder Woman comics. Johnny still prefers The Bionic Woman, to WW. Johnny watches Yashahime. Johnny likes Queen Zinn in human form, from DND the anime. Johnny got into Aiko, because of Marty Friedman. Johnny still likes Marty Friedman. Johnny likes Meg from Japan. Johnny has a hit called Nikki Fritz tribute. Johnny likes Final Fantasy 4 for the snes. Johnny likes the new ACDC. Johnny's versions of Diamond Head's Am I evil are getting famous. Johnny likes Guitar Keychains. Johnny likes Kate Bishop from Marvel Comics. Johnny likes UFO and Michael Schaenker Group. Johnny is sad Shanna died. Shanna will probably be back in Marvel Comics. Johnny likes Shriek from Marvel Comics now. Johnny likes watching Megadeth and Anime videos on youtube on his tv. Gundam shows and Gundam Movies. With YYH and Samurai Shodown anime. With Dungeons and Dragons and Ninja Scroll. Johnny likes Wild Flower, from Monster Jam. Johnny likes Marilyn Monroe's biographical comic book. Johnny likes Lee Arron. Johnny likes Kumiko, returning to Cobra Kai. Johnny likes Rika Usami from Japanese Karate. Johnny is starting to train in Japanese Karate. Johnny is waiting for the Firestarter movie remake. Johnny likes Hoku the diva. Johnny watches Yu Yu Hakusho and Tsukikage Ran on Tubi. Johnny likes Clutch. Johnny Subscribed to The Punisher, Elektra, The Black Widow, and Fantastic Four. Johnny for Melda Lopez Autograph. Melda wants Johnny to Picture frame both of her autographs. Johnny likes Yifie Liu from Mulan 2020. Johnny got Peace Sells by Megadeth on Vinyl. Melda Lopez is one of Johnny FountainS' idols. Johnny got a doll of Jaclyn Smith. Jaclyn Smith was Kelly Garett from Charlie's Angels. Johnny still prefers The Bionic Woman to Charlie's Angels. Johnny likes Voltes V better now. Now that Johnny Saw Voltes V on a Japanese Channel a lot. Johnny got his first Colleen Wing Trade paper back. Johnny got his first Captain Marvel Comic. Johnny has a picture of Carolina Ballesteros and 3 pictures of Molly Holly. Johnny likes Kiko from Megadeth. Johnny got Iron Man Movie 2 and his 1st Modok Comic. Johnny got a Zatanna Tpb. Johnny got Led Zeppelin 1 on vinyl. Dark Hawk who is Johnny's favorite hero, is now in a cartoon. Johnny likes a girl named Niki from his home town. Niki likes Video Games and Johnny might get a Sega Genesis Classic. Niki and Johnny can play games like The Punisher and Fatal Fury 2 together. If Niki has a PS4, Johnny can order Samurai Shodown and play Samurai Shodown with Niki. Niki also likes Camping and Fishing. Johnny got into an anime called, Angel Cop. Johnny likes Children of Bodom. Johnny likes Portishead. Johnny got his Portishead records back. Johnny's favorite song by Portishead is sour times. Because nobody likes hiiiim. Johnny likes the new Samurai Shodown gifs on facebook. Unless Johnny sees another girl in Xoticas. Johnny met a girl on Facebook that likes Exhumed. The Girl and Johnny both like Exhumed. Johnny likes Areli from La Playa De Carmen, Mexico. Johnny and Kuroneko from Taiwan, talk to each other on Facebook. Johnny subscribed to the new Dark Hawk comics, that are coming in April. Kureneko sends Johnny her pictures and gifs on facebook. Johnny Subscribed to werewolf by night. Kuroneko and Johnny are having time together. A girl named Laura also likes Johnny alot. Kureneko wants to rock to Jeff Young with Johnny. Johnny likes Carly Simon now. Johnny likes the fact that Becky Conner won the award for best supporting actress. Johnny owns the yellow Billie Eilish Record. Johnny likes Lying In Zen, which is a band started by Liz. Johnny is going to ask Sonia and Variella to call him. Johnny has an Iron Man toy and a Captain America toy. Johnny likes Electra Mustaine. Johnny subscribed to Manbat Comics. Johnny got a Drew Barrymore Doll. Johnny got into the Drew Barrymore show. Steila Mustaine and Johnny like each other. On Facebook. Steila Mustaine is making better friends with Johnny. Sthiela Mustaine is from Mexico and Johnny is from Texas. Johnny will probably like the Zatanna movie. Johnny got Appetite for Destruction by GNR on Vinyl. Johnny like Kumiko from the simpsons. Johnny got his first Millie The Model comic. Johnny likes Requiem from the darkness, the anime. Johnny knows anime is mainstream. Johnny needs to put his album cover for his first album on some other site. Other than Tunescore. Tunescore sucks. Johnny misses Daft Punk. Johnny still likes Stella from Daft Punk. Johnny plans on getting shirts from Fiona Apple, Sheryl Crow and Bjork. Johnny got Top Gun on DVD. Johnny plans on seeing Tiffany or Carmen or Variella or Sonia. After the pandemic is over. Johnny got Vanessa Carlton's Be not nobody and Liberman on Records. Johnny got Sara Gilbert's photo. Johnny might play guitar with Alundra Blayze. Alundra Blayze will play drums. Maybe with Alundra's husband on guitar or bass. Johnny made a video of his Darlene Conner Photo. Johnny likes Entombed. Johnny likes Sarah Walls from Loredo Texas. Johnny owns Vanessa Carlton's Be Not Nobody on record with Liberman. Johnny got a Brainstorm from Transformers Toy. Johnny gave a nurse named Sonia a Valentine's day card. The nurse is not the same Sonia as Sonia Bombella. Johnny is happy Molly Holly is in the wwe Hall of fame. Alundra Blayze is also in the wwe Hall of fame. Johnny likes Cinderella and Kill Switch Engage, after all. Johnny got Boston's more than a feeling on vinyl. Johnny got into the Alien Comic, from Marvel. Johnny likes the John Constantine Comics from DC. Johnny rented Mortal Kombat Movie 2021. Johnny got the Domino Hotshots Tpb. Johnny got another Lady Death Comic. Johnny got a Darth Maul Toy. Johnny got a Carole King record. Johnny likes Carole King. Johnny got Mindwipe and Skullcruncher from transformers. Johnny got Golden Kamuy seasons 1 and 2. Johnny got an Invisible Woman toy and a Constantine movie. Johnny owns a photo of Constance Wu. Johnny likes girls from Alamo Texas better than Donna Texas. Johnny likes water from Alamo Texas better than Donna Texas. Alamo is closer to McAllen than donna is. Johnny has now official been to PSJA high school. For the Johnson and Johnson immunity. Johnny is starting to like Invisible Woman more than DarkHawk. Johnny got The Bionic Woman dvd set 1. Johnny got wooden nunchaku. Johnny likes how Macross 7 is coming to the USA. Johnny likes the new DarkHawk comic. The Darkhawk comic is, Heart of the Hawk. Johnny likes the Cannibal Corpse album from 2021. Johnny likes She Hulk. Johnny likes Dead or Alive The Japanese movie. Johnny likes Ayane, Kasumi, Helena, Christie and Tina from Doa the Japanese Movie. Johnny got a Vanessa Carlton, be not nobody shirt in black. A Biker Girl names Sophia and Johnny like each other. Johnny likes the pretenders. Johnny got Highway to hell by ACDC on vinyl. Johnny got smokey and the bandit on dvd. Johnny likes and supports Electra Mustaine. Johnny got a Gretsch Guitar. Johnny got into Angela Aguilar. Johnny misses Tawny Kitaen. Tawny Kitaen looked like Norma. Johnny got Wonder Woman 1984 on DVD. Johnny got Death Wish 5 on DVD, Johnny likes Super Girl in the new flash movie.

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