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Artist Name: Freshstart
Birth Name: Wayne Clarke
Birth Place and Date: March 18th, 1974, Montego Bay, St James, JA
Official Bio
Born in Montego Bay, in 1974, Wayne Clarke (AKA Freshstart) now resides in Portmore, St. Catherine, Jamaica. Wayne is a devout member of Portmore United Church and one of the most prominent voices in APS' growing stable of artists.

Inspired by artists such as Papa San, Kirk Franklin and DJ Nicholas, Clarke began his ministry with the primary goal of taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the dancehalls and clubs through his deejaying skills. Freshstart got his start performing at a local talent gospel showcase that was hosted by his church at local shopping mall.

When asked about his greatest accomplishment, he humble responds, "Giving my life to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." He is also very proud of his latest recording, his forthcoming solo debut, "Let Me Speak". His other recent contributions to the gospel reggae arena can be found on APS' "March out", "Gospel fi Share 1 and 2" and "Sing Fi Jesus".

Freshstart has a heart for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world–not just in churches but also on sound systems like Stone love and Metro Media. APS CEO Roger "DJ Dre" Facey describes Clarke as an "Exciting artist in the gospel arena with a bright future ahead of him."

Wayne describes himself as a Christian and a spiritual man of God. He is a family orientated individual who loves to study the Bible and preach the Word. Wayne love to crack jokes and is fun to be around. He has been described as simply outrageous for Christ. But all fun and jokes aside, Wayne's one true desire is that the world would know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Exclusive Interview with GospelReggae.com
GR: Tell us about yourself, where were you born and grow up, what your family is like, etc…

Freshstart: Grew up with my mother, four brother and six sisters in Montego Bay and then Kingston.

GR: Tell me, how did your name come about? Any obstacles with it–funny mispronunciations, etc…?

Artist: My name represents my new life in Christ. I have been given a "Freshstart"!

GR: What is the most valuable lesson that you learned from your Mom or Dad growing up that you still apply today?

Freshstart: Finish whatever you start.

GR: If you could share the stage with any Christian or secular artist in the world (living or dead) who would it be?

Freshstart: Buju Banton

GR: I know that you have written a whole heap of songs in the past, but what's your favorite one? Now, if that is too hard for you to answer, then tell me this; if you spent 5 minutes with an avid reggae fan and only had enough time to play them one of your songs, which one would you play them?

Freshstart: "Gospel fi Share"

GR: Read any good books lately?

Freshstart: The Bible

GR: What's your favorite verse in the Bible and why?

Freshstart: There are so many verses-but I love Psalm 119.

GR: What Bible character do you most identify yourself with?

Freshstart: Definitely David.

GR: As Christians, God is of course our true inspiration, but beyond the generic response of "Jesus," what are your muses in your life (for lack of a better word)? For example, what are the people, places, or things that trigger a fresh musical idea and ultimately a new song for you?

Freshstart: Everyday life experiences are my muse.

GR: Name one thing that fans do not know about you.

Freshstart: I have a big sense of humor and I can get outrageous at times!

GR: What has been your highest moment?

Freshstart: When I started going to church.

GR: What is your philosophy of stage ministry? Is there any one message that you always want to leave with your audience?

Freshstart: Spread the gospel with all your talents

GR: What is the best audience that you have ever played in front of?

Freshstart: Denbigh Agriculture Show in Jamaica

GR: What goes through your mind before you go onstage at the average show?

Freshstart: I wonder if I can reach somebody tonight?

GR: Do you prefer being in the studio or on the road??

Freshstart: The road.

GR: If you could whisper in the ears of youths aspiring to start a music ministry like yours, what would you say?

Freshstart: Keep it clean and keep it positive

GR: Why do you do music? What is your primary goal?

Freshstart: I was born with the talent

GR: Are you working on any future projects/releases that we should look out for?

Freshstart: My Album "Let Me Speak" is my most recent endeavor.

GR: Could you please give a message to the reggae fans that are reading this and would like to know more about your faith and who Jesus is to you?

Freshstart: That Jesus is a forgiving brother.

"To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the World with my talents."-Freshstart

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