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There are at least 11 acts with the name Fallout:

1. Fallout was a heavy metal band formed in 1979 based out of Brooklyn, New York, USA. The band contained future Type O Negative members Peter Steele (then billed under his real name Peter Ratajczyk) on bass and vocals and Josh Silver on keyboards , as well as John Campos on guitars and Agnostic Front drummer Louie Beateaux (then billed as Lou Beato) on drums. Fallout released only one record before the band’s demise in 1982, the ‘Rock Hard’ 7’’ single, released in 1981 on Silver records and limited to 500 copies. After three years of steady gigging, Fallout broke up. Peter and Louie went on to form Carnivore, and Josh and John formed Original Sin.

2. There was also a house outfit named Fallout, with members Lenny Dee and Tommy Musto. Their biggest hit was The Morning After released on Azuli in 1987.

3. There is also drum and bass artist Simon Keating known as Fallout from Southampton, UK.

4. Fallout from Hazelton, PA was a heavy metal band, that released a demo called So Heavy, It's Metal, and a Single called Wraith.

5. Fallout and Fallout 2 are legendary computer RPG - games. Tracks: "Maybe", " Brotherhood of Steel", " Metallic Monks" and other are from the soundtrack of it.

6. Fallout were also an unsigned band from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK. Their song "Trojan White Horses" begins with a sample taken from news coverage of the Tsunami disaster in the Indian Ocean on Boxing Day 2004.

7. This Fallout was a hardcore band from the sacramento ca area. They were around in the late 90's - early '00. Members went on to form the now defunct bay area hardcore band By My Will.

8. There was a punk band from Toronto called Fallout. They released an album "Tales from the Industrial Revolution".

9. There was also a Melbourne hardcore band called Fallout which existed sometime in the 1990's. They had several releases including "Spit On The Innocent", "Resist Control", and appearances on several comps including "So This Is Jeff's Victoria".

10. The last Fallout band is a Hardcore Punk Band from Genoa, Italy, which published a vinyl 7'' which is now largely being distributed to fans for free through the Net.

11. Fallout is a thrash/speed metal band from Westerlo, Antwerpen, Belgium formed in 2005. They released their debut album Bone As Dust Shall Be in December 2009.

12. Fallout was a punk band from UK. They are known as a anarcho punk but actually they were anti-anarcho(they were socialists). They existed from 1981to 1985.

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