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There are at least two bands named FAQ: 1. Russian nu-metal band and 2. Swiss electro-pop band.

1. An / band from Russian Federation:
Official site:http://www.faqmusic.ru
Current members: Pashtet (ex-I.F.K.) - vocals, Renat Koneshev - bass, Valentin Astashkin - guitar, Vasiliy Antipkin - rythm-guitar, Nikolay Kurenyov - drums.
Former members: Dmitriy Sobinyakov - guitar, Dmitriy Golovin - drums, Aleksandr Apashkin (now in Hostile Breed) - drums.
Discography: 2004 - Часто Задаваемые Вопросы (Frequently Asked Questions), 2007 (February) - new album announced.

2. An / band from Switzerland:

In 1994 the band was formed under the name Carpe Diem and soon became "the spearhead for Swiss made independent electro-pop music" (Bravo magazine). The band also became popular in the international electro-scene after supporting and touring with bands like Deine Lakaien, De/Vision, Mesh and Clan of Xymox. As a support to Apoptygma Berzerk during their “Welcome to Earth” tour in 2000 and after releasing the two albums RESUBSTITUTE and SELFFULFILLING PROPHECY, Carpe Diem became firmly established in the music scene. The title track THEM was remixed by the Russian star-producer DJ RAM. For the album VIRTUAL SERVER, a project for which various artists from all over the world worked together, Phil and DJ RAM wrote and produced the song “Bullet”. The last curtain fell for Carpe Diem at the M’era Luna Festival in 2002, when Philip Noirjean performed “Endlose Träume” together with De/Vision singer and frontman, Steffen.

After a long break and band name complications that resulted in confusion and an uncertain legal situation, the band was finally back in 2003 with a new album and a new name, FAQ, ready to answer the Frequently Asked Questions. As a tribute to the former band name, FAQ named the album released in March 2003 CARPE DIEM. The opportunity for a new start was used as an opportunity to take a new musical direction. Even though FAQ did not completely change their own style, new influences were clearly audible. After producer and keyboarder Dino left the band just before the successful support tour with De/Vision, Phil asked his old friend Thomas Daverio (head and producer of Kartagon, formerly Panic On The Titanic) to join FAQ in Spring 2004.
Phil and Thomas wrote the first song, THE WORLD IS COLD ENOUGH, which was released as a promo onetrack single, followed by the recordings for the album IS PORNOGRAPHY ART? which was released in 2005. The mixture of synth-pop melodies, combined with modern electro beats, bombastic loops and grooves with breathtaking rock guitar lines, definitely shows the band at its best, more powerful and passionate than ever before. With the style somewhere between Depeche Mode, Placebo and Underworld, FAQ is about to reach a new and bigger audience both inside and outside the electronic music scene. IS PORNOGRAPHY ART? is not only a versatile pop record, it’s a piece of art filled with VIPs. For WE COME IN PIECES, Phil recorded a duet together with Stephan Groth (head and frontman of Apoptygma Berzerk), who gave the song a very intense, powerful and hymn-like touch. The result is certainly one of the pearls on this record. To give the record and ist topic a face, Phil signed an exclusive contract with US-megastar and the world’s most famous porn queen, Jenna Jameson and her company clubjenna.com. They provided not only her photos for the record’s artwork, but also her voice for the track HEARTBREAKER, a song based on Jenna’s famous tattoo and trademark. HOW TO MAKE LOVE LIKE is another song dedicated to Jenna Jameson and is based on her best-selling biography “How to make love like a pornstar: a cautionary tale” co-written by esteemed journalist and author Neil Strauss. This collaboration with FAQ will be Jenna’s second appearance in the music biz after doing a guestperformance in the Eminem video clip “Without me”. With Jenna Jameson, Stephan Groth and 16 carefully elaborated songs, FAQ delivered with the album IS PORNOGRAPHY ART? one of the most discussed, up and coming progressive electro-pop albums of the year 2005.

Thomas Daverio (keys, vox)
Philip Noirjean (vox, bass)
Pille (guitars)

05.2005 - Is Pornography Art? (CD) - spr044 / indigo 5626-2
03.2003 - Carpe Diem (CD) - spr032 / indigo 2325-2
04.2001 - Re-Substitute (CD) - spr019 / indigo 9797-2
11.2000 - Self-Fulfilling Prophecy (CD) - spr016 / indigo 9647-2
10.2000 - Them (MCD) - spr015 / indigo 9648-2
05.1999 - The Saint (MCD) - sold out
12.1996 - Substitute (CD) - sold out

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