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Dawncore was a Hungarian (Budapest based) hardcore band. They started out in 1994 and have since played a hell lot of Hungarian gigs, and dozens of shows in other European countries. Dawncores' first release was a split 7" with Burning Inside which got followed by a CD titled »Obedience Is A Slower Form Of Death« (Trottel Records). Their last record before their brand new JTTP release was a 7" on Burning Season Records that came out in August 2000. A repress is also available from Capeet Records….

Dawncore started of as a classical hc-band with bands like Cro-Mags being their musical inspiration but it didn't take too long before they changed their sound to the driving crazy which dominated their later releases. What the band says is important is that this illustrates that one can stick to his or her roots but tear down musical boundaries nevertheless. Their music might have changed, but their motivation and attitude remain the same. Their music they say, tries to oppose the "plastic lie" that most peoples lives are. Dawncores extreme but sincere approach deals with false values and wrong traditions and questions those values we adopted that make this" beautiful and romantic but at the moment very frightening place a burning hell". Dawncore try to encourage people to live their lives to the maximum. They try to encourage people to make sure that when they get up in the morning they will do whatever they doas passionate as they can - because life they say is to short to waste even a single day. This attitude (rooted in years of having to struggle their way through a US dominated hc scene) definitely show's in their songwriting. Their songs are very powerful but try to avoid hc cliches. Dawncore were five guys who make you want to scream on top of you lungs and rock to their crazy rhythms and noisy chords. Their live shows showed what Dawncore mean when they talk about living ones life as passionate as one can. Their passion for music, along with their great songs and their believe in sincerity, individuality and dignity (they call that »rock' n roll«) made them an outstanding live band.

1993 - 1999
Szabi Nemeth - guitar
Attila Bozo - bass
Zsolt Ferencz - drums
Balazs Soos - vocals

2000 - 2003
Szabi Nemeth - guitar
Tibi Szalkai - guitar
Mate Acs - bass
Zsolt Ferencz - drums
Balazs Soos - vocals

main releases:
2001.: Entertainment For The Rest
2000.: We Are Young… So We Scream… Just To Feel Alive
1999.: Obedience Is A Slower Form Of Death
1997.: Soulburner Times

splits, compilations:
2002.: Where Heroes Go To Die split 5" with DARKEST HOUR
2002.: VA - Shit We Don't Like We Destroy / Label Sampler by JTTP & Let It Burn
2000.: split MC with NEWBORN (Dawncore: We Are Young… Newborn: In These Desperate Days…)
1998.: split 7" with BURNING INSIDE

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