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Bassima or Basima is a popular Lebanese singer and performer. Famous for her elegant style and quality of voice, she sang Ayni ya mo and many other hits.

Bassima is a Lebanese singer known for her unique elegant style. In her musical career of almost ten years, Bassima has released six studio albums cooperating with the most important names in the Arabic music industry like Marwan Khoury, Samir Sfeir, Tareq Madkoor, Boudi Naoum, and many others.

Musical Career

Before the release of her first studio album, Bassima had old famous songs like "Washwashny Habibi Sammaani Kalam" (Whisper To Me) and "Fi Orbak w Bo'dak Hayati Achanak". Bassima's beginnings were alongside famous Lebanese singer and composer Marwan Khoury, who started writing and composing songs at the time of her first album "Dawwabni Dob". The album featured a duet between Bassima & Marwan called "Kasak Habibi". The lead song and album title became a huge hit in 1999 and is considered as Bassima's debut. Bassima then signed with prominent record label company Rotana. Bassima continued with working with Marwan in her second album Andi Sou'al(I Have a Question), and third album Ayni Ya Mo . Both albums achieved great success.

However, after that, the song "Ettallaa Fiyyi" (Look At Me) separated the Bassima and Marwan. Marwan had given it to Bassima at first, who was really attached to the song. Bassima however was still preparing for her album and the song stayed a long time with her unfilmed and unreleased. Bassima gave birth and she was absent for a while. Marwan, who felt the song was being ignored, gave it Carole Samaha instead and it achieved huge success when Carole filmed it with prominent Lebanese director Nadine Labaki. Bassima was deeply disappointed and upset and cooperation stopped between the two since then. However Bassima still compliments Marwan's works and says she could still work with him again. Bassima then released in 2004 her third album, "Shou Rajjaak" (Why Are You Back) which put her back on the spot after her maternal period of absence.

A marking point in Bassima's career was her cooperation with prominent Lebanese composer Samir Sfeir. They met by coincidence, and Sfeir, who was impressed by Bassima's vocal abilities started working with her on her next album. In 2005, Bassima's fifth album "Shou 3a Bali" (I Long For..) achieved tremendous success. With a mere six songs, four by Sfeir, the album sold greatly. Shou 3a Bali was a smash hit that was played on all local and Arab radio stations. The huge success of the album and specifically the lead song put Bassima back on the spotlight. Three years later Bassima released her brand new album Helm El Toyour with the lead song also composed by Samir Sfeir.

Discography/الإصدارات الموسيقية
1999: Dawwabni Dob
2001: Andi So'al
2003: Einy Ya Mo
2004: Shou Rajja'ak?
2005: Shou A Bali
2008: Helm al tuyour

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