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There are more than one bands or artists called Aphelion:

1. From the grey and dreary cities of the Netherlands comes electronic artist Aphelion. Known for his unique, genre-bending style, his acidized ambient and esoteric tracks influenced by space imagery. With his sound firmly rooted in contemporary acid music and Drone, his music can best be described as a Soundtrack for the space faring age. Intelligent soundscapes for looking at the endless void above us. Aphelion is signed to the Alaska based CRL Studios.

2. Deathmetal band from Germany. So far they have brought out a split record with their label mates Dismal, named The Arrival/Maze of Dementia (2004)

3. Singapore Prog-Rock band who released the EP "Within The Woods…." in early 1999

4. An ambient group with releases on deFocus Records and their own label Aphelion Recordings

5. An all instrumental project formed in 2004 featuring a mixture of technical progressive metal and fusion/jazz styles.

6. A hungarian five-piece / band, formed in 2007. So far they have released a three track demo in late 2008, which will be followed by their not-yet-titled LP in mid-2010.

7. A Pacific Northwest-based goth group who contributed at least one track, "Passion of the Queen" to the Tragick compilation, 2000.

8. A solo artist who releases albums for the Record Production Month challenge under this name http://alonetone.com/aphelion/

9. An Australian band which melds a black metal influence with acoustic, world and classical music elements. http://www.facebook.com/aphelionband

10. An American Prog-Rock band from Georgia. http://www.facebook.com/AphelionOfficial

11. Now defunct One-man / project from the US. Released an album named Lay on Shadowgraph Records in 2008. From Aphelion's MySpace page: "This sound is the bi-product of living a life being unable to let go of the things that haunt me, things make even the simplest of daily chores difficult. This is what I find at the bottom of every bottle. This is the result of being unhappy with everything around me, of finding the finding the lowest common denominator in everything life has to offer. This is my expressed, projected disappointment with all things and all people, especially myself. This is proof that I am, and always will be the lowest bidder. This is what it’s like to wake up each and every morning fearful of what horrors lay in wait, around each corner, behind every conversation, every casual glance, the meaning, the subtext. This is the soundtrack to my regret, failures and inability to conform to the standards the society holds in such high regard. This is truth, absolute and pure, weighing down on those that bathe in the glory of selfish optimism. This is my wretched desires, lusts and depravity. This is my apathy towards god and a hatred of organized religion, a promise of certainty to the sheep. Aphelion was born of heartache and a disparity that has probably been there my whole life, but it took people, ruined, selfish, cruel and shallow to fully expose it. "

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