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Homepage: http://8bitoperators.com

The new album is available as the full 16 track download (plus 1 bonus track) at http://8bitops.com

8-Bit Operators full catalog on Amazon: http://amzn.to/8bitopsmp3
and on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/8-bit-operators-the-music/id212547461 /

8-bit Operators is the joint name for a group of several notable international chiptune artists. They released "The Music of Kraftwerk" together, an album containing lo-bit covers of the famous German electronic band, on the Astralwerkd/EMI label. They have just completed "WANNA HLD YR HANDHELD", a micro-chipmusic Beatles Tribute available on iTunes and at 8bitops.com.

LastFM 8BitOps' Kraftwerk album page:

Almost 2 full years in the making, and released on 09/09/09, the 8-Bit Operators "Wanna Hld Yr Handheld, Vol. 1" Beatles tribute focuses on the glorious avant-garde and electronic side of the Fab 4 with over 20 of the biggest international names in 8-bit chip music, all utilizing the hardware of re-tooled, classic Game Boys, Ataris, Nintendo Entertainment Systems, circuit-bent toys, Commodore 64s and Apple II computers.
This album was the follow-up to their Astralwerks/ EMI release "The Music of Kraftwerk" from 2007

8-Bit Operators catalog is available on iTunes & Amazon.

Go to http://8bitops.com and http://8bitoperators.com for more.

SEPTEMBER 09, 2009
In celebration of 09/09/09, we have uploaded previews of nine tracks. Feel free to add them to your profiles and celebrate with us!

SEPTEMBER 10, 2009
On John Lennon's birthday (October 9th, 2009), the 20-track line-up and a new website by minusbaby shall be unveiled at http://8bitoperators.com/beatles.

In the meantime, hop over to our Tumblr page to stay up-to-date:

Stay tuned! — The Calibrated Mr. K

8BitOps Homepage: http://8bitoperators.com
8BitOps Kraftwerk / Beatles Tributes: http://8bitops.com

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Feb 2007:

A labor of love, many years in the making, Astralwerks is pleased to present a various artist covers compilation, featuring interpretations of classic Kraftwerk songs, arranged primarily on lo-bit handheld gaming devices, vintage video game consoles and obsolete 8 bit home computers, revered for the rich and distinctive sound of their lo-bit microchips. This video game-influenced branch of electronic music sometimes referred to as ‘chiptune’, ‘bitpop’ or just ‘8-bit’, has developed a flourishing international live scene, and is one of the first new genres of music to use the internet to its fullest advantage, with the advent of home-brewed synth cartridges and hacker influenced musical tools.

As one of the New York chip artists Glomag said in a 2004 Art Forum interview, "We've made Kraftwerk's phrase 'I'm the operator with my Pocket Calculator' more apt than ever”.

Conceived and compiled by long-time electronic artist and 8-bit composer Jeremy Kolosine (a.k.a. Receptors), the 8-BIT OPERATORS collection features some of the top 8-bit artists from North America, South America and Europe, a selection of the best musical innovators, and several of the inventors themselves.

01.Bacalao - The Robots (Die Roboter) - Switzerland
02. Glomag - Pocket Calculator - USA
03. Covox - Computer Love - Sweden
04. Role Model - Showroom Dummies - Sweden
05. Nullsleep - The Model - USA
06. David E. Sugar – Radioactivity - UK
07. Oliver Wittchow – Kristallo - Germany
08. 8-Bit Weapon – Spacelab - USA
09. firestARTer - Computer World (Computerwelt) - Germany
10. Neotericz - Electric Café - Argentina
11. Receptors – Trans-Europe Express - USA
12. Herbert Weixelbaum – Tanzmusik - Austria
13. Bubblyfish - It's More Fun To Compute - USA
14. Bit Shifter – Antenna - USA
15. gwEm and Counter Reset - Mensch Machine

A 12” single (and digital download equivalent) will precede the CD launch and will feature Glomag’s exclusive 8-Bit Operators' mega-mix version of “Pocket Calculator” (featuring 0x7f, Bit Shifter, Bubblyfish, firestARTer, Hey Kid Nice Robot, Ladybug, M-.-n, Nullsleep, Psilodump, Random, Sidabitball, and David E Sugar) plus an exclusive version of “The Robots” by L.A.’s 8-BIT.

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