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Biography Xentrifuge-(Zen-tri-fyooj)=A machine in which audio devastation is manufactured

Born-2005 Location- North Jersey/NYC - U.S.A. Founding member-Chris X

From the mechanized subculture of NJ/NYC's Industrial scene comes Xentrifuge, a brutal assault of harsh electro, constructed by the collectively innovative minds of Chris X., Ray H., and Matt C. Xentrifuge manufactures a groundbreaking blend of EBM, fused with noise, to create a hauntingly melodic, yet raw and unforgiving product.

2007 brought the well received and much… read more

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  • I disagree about everything Postal Dude says. This band sounds dark and agressive and that's all that matters. Fuck those dance shit bands like Amduscia - Xentrifuge is what this genre is all about.
  • Jueriko: I'd disagree - quite a few Harsh EBM bands can write songs - what elevates Xentrifuge however is that Chris can write varied songs and ones dripping with the kind of oblique atmosphere that would shame most Black Metal bands (and I listen to a lot of Black Metal, I don't say that lightly).
  • 3harsh5me
  • No offence but I call bullshit. This band is top tier. The thing that elevates them above the aggrotech pile is that Chris can actually write songs. Dude from Acylum can't write an interesting song to save his life, all his material sounds the same. Same goes for 80% of the harsh ebm/dark electro artists
  • Some call this band a insiders tip. Cant agree. Sounds 08/15 and like the rest of the Hocico wannabes. Just harsher, but way too harsh. Music sounds like a damn mess and im usually a fan of noise. Dont even let me start about the vocals. I cant understand a single word which isnt anything new in the harsh ebm / noise genre but this band pushes it to a new level. And the tracks sound boring and feel like nothing. Their first album was still ok but the second just got worse. Hope they wont release anything anymore. No need in this case. Their are better bands of this Harsh EBM / Noise genre. Try Acylum for example. To be honest there are not a lot with this level of Noise Harsh EBM, probably because this doesnt work well as you can hear with this band. No offense though. Everyone should listen what he likes. Just my opinion and I listened to a lot of stuff in the Electro Industrial sector. But maybe this unique level of Terror EBM Noise makes this band interesting.
  • Hell yeah – "Deathwish" is hands down their best track yet. Noize, dark melodics, synths and brutal submerged vocals all perfectly combined together. Absolute total perfection. Xentrifuge manages to accomplish a truly unique Industrial sound, something which is quite rare to find nowadays. Can't fucking wait until the next album is released.
  • делайте, ждать утомительно.
  • New song Deathwish is fucking killer. Waiting anxiously for the new album.
  • #degradated_industrial
  • <3 awesome

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