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The Residents are an experimental music and group largely shrouded in mystery and myth. The Residents began recording in 1969, although many of these recordings from their early years have still gone unreleased to this day. The earliest material from The Residents, traded among bootlegs, was recorded in 1971. The Residents' first official release, Santa Dog, was released in 1972.

Allmusic had this to say about the Residents: "Over the course of a recording career spanning several decades… read more

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  • Opeth Wannabees
  • can't believe that they're touring. I'm so happy.
  • Альбомов навалом, а толк от этой группы непонятен.
  • gpovno iz sraki
  • @OneDrunkWalking It was fun to speculate that they might be pop stars in disguise (I remember once reading a compelling argument that they were actually The Beatles back together and making the weird music they wanted to make in the 60s but couldn't because of the monstrous money machine "The Beatles" was as a brand) but I never actually believed it or anything, and my feelings re: the "mystery" are more in line with what you said at the end of your shout: I never really wanted to know who they were because it was more fun not knowing and I'm one who feels the point of not sharing their identities publicly was more a statement on the idea that they could be anyone/their identities weren't important, it was their art that was important. Really the question of who they were/are only really appealed to me very early on in my exploration of their music and that curiosity was quickly replaced by (mostly) admiration for the (mostly) interesting and unique music they've made.
  • Yeah, but it is still pretty obvious, and has been for years. For me, their music (until 1982) still holds up, and I am not in need of their 'gimmick' to appreciate those perfect 1st 10 years.
  • Hey Mister Junior, I know we are last Fm "co-followers", but friends can disagree from time to time, and I gotta go against your "not that it matters" conclusion: wasn't that one of the biggest parts of their mystique, I could almost say "gimmick", that their True Names would never be revealed, and that they would forever throw the audiences stare back at us, creepy, unblinking, and identity-less?

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