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23 Apr 2012 | from

By some twist of fate, we got enough votes last week to be featured on Tom Robinson’s Freshnet blog:

As a commenter on SoundCloud astutely notes, there is some very “creative drumming” in ‘Vanderbilt Cup’ – but the creativity doesn’t end with the percussion. There’s a load of imaginative and melodic guitar work too, which guides the track gently from modern spiky, angular pop-punk (think Johnny Foreigner) to fuzzy alt-rock (think Pixes meets Pavement).

…and there’s also a really nice write-up of ‘Vanderbilt Cup’ on Wears the Trousers for Free Music Monday. The lyrics are just a diary extract. Nailed it.

‘Vanderbilt Cup’ is the debut single from Bristolian four-piece Empty Pools and, as introductions go, is very impressive indeed. The track’s fissiparous melody evolves constantly without ever sounding confused, switching between breezy, jangly guitars in the verses and prog-influenced riffs in the chorus, building towards its climax with a playful yet forceful insistence.

Lyrically the track is equally intriguing, the tone both inclusively intimate and beguilingly abstract, like a diary entry written in a code of pop culture references – an enigma fortified by Leah Pritchard’s conversational and assured vocals.

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