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That's How... (4:48)


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  • 好听
  • Best rappers
  • 50cent <3
  • D12 <3
  • its beast and this should go to the top
  • emm <3
  • Love this song more than my mother! Shit brings back memories
  • that's how it's done ya'll
  • отстой!
  • this is awesome
  • AND some dick?
  • Fuck me? Nigga fuck you! *punch* that's how people get fucked up!
  • dats how groupies get f*cked up
  • +1
  • nice
  • nice
  • so naise
  • nice!
  • puuuf :)!!
  • 喜欢,大爱
  • Nice one song........^^^^^^^^
  • the best
  • epa the group D12 my kids heheheeh
  • adorei,essa é d+++ !!!
  • not 1 of their best
  • This is how it happens to youuu. That's how people get fucked up.
  • Nicht schlecht
  • zajebisty kawałkek !
  • that's how..
  • yep radio is garbage now a days. this is good, but great compared to most shit now.
  • "Got your girlfriend sucking on my love nut" - did I catch that one rite? :>
  • luh dis shit
  • So much better than the bullshit coming out on the radio nowadays
  • that how nigga fuck up -real shit
  • amazing
  • hammas geil
  • @ blaine720 ____ THIS IS HOW IT HAPPENS TO YOU~ thats how people get FUCKED UP!!
  • Geil
  • są polacy ;]
  • This is how it happends to you, Thats how people get fucked up . . . westside
  • są tu polacy?
  • yeah XD
  • eminem is the best
  • It took a crazy white boy to show them how it's done just like Elvis in the 50's! D12 was the best RIP Proof you were a master in the hip hop world!
  • best song
  • This IS how people get fucked up
  • i used to love this shit
  • D12 - That's How... _____ This is how it happens to you.... That's how people get fucked up.
  • bronx bitches
  • saint louis-MA (BRASIL)


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