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-Rx is a german industrial project created in year 2006 by a Kölner Pascal Beniesch.

MySpace: www.myspace.com/xrxindustrial

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  • @Liam. agonoize changes just enough. you can't listen to their first album and their last and say they are exactly the same. they have no need to transform into a different style of music, they are the best of the bunch already. strange to compare this artist to them, they are very different. would of been better to compare them to combichrist, whom has changed his style massively every album nearly.
  • First album was okayish noize and the second one really good melodic hard dance album with some noize elements. But after that everything they have produced is pretty much boring shit and bad vocals aren't helping at all. Not my cup of tea anymore but Stage 2 is still very good and addicting album with many hooks.
  • New album seems to be more influenced by Combichrist.
  • New album is good, more vocals bring it out more and sound is a little more diverse. Very similar music style throughout but pretty much every band sticks with the exact same sound. Like I don't think Agonoize have ever changed their sound.
  • The new album is not bad, but it's not even good. (50%) This band has been making the same songs, over and over again. Too much, unnecessary "F" words (A To A And D To D). Too much vocal, since 2010. The new album like an Epinephrin album. B-sides from Epinephrin.
  • The new album is very good actually. [X]-RX has a new sound on this album. Very hard to describe it. Reminds me of [X]-RX + Epinephrin + Combichrist + Nachtmahr + more?!. Im not sure if I like this more than the old [X]-RX. Many good tracks on it. My favorites are Owls, All The Bitches (Like [X]-RX), Dead Hands, Underground, Wipe Down This!. But all other tracks are also good. Interesting to see how [X]-RX developed. I remember people describing it as "Cyber Gothic Trash". I doubt that they can say the same now. I never minded it. I always loved [X]-RXs Hardstyle earworm beats, no matter how they were created like in a computer program. I heard the Nachtmahr typical bass on Dead Hands. This album can mess with Combichrist releases. No shit. Definitely worth a listen.
  • Panikattacke!1!
  • XrxRXxRrxxrXRrx
  • New album on 28 November. Crank It Up is the name.
  • such a cute music, nice for having fun. :3

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