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  • Дата релиза

    26 октября 2019

  • Продолжительность

    3 композиции

AINOMA continues experimenting with the retro sound: we took the darkest horror stuff from the previous "Necropolis" release, and spiced it with evil synths of 1980s slasher soundtracks. This is a new horror "Necropolis" spinoff - "Manhunter". A Halloween 2019 special.

It shifts us to the same alternate timeline where economic crisis and social disruption lead to new security solutions. The new goal is to create a cheap soldier - a hybrid control system based on human brain, electronic and mechanical elements. The first prototype is a military veteran of the elite troops "Immortals", badly injured in a military flareup. This all leads to the creation of Manhunter – a machine with human brain. His official duties are riot control and law enforcement, providing the security of the corporation. While his real mission is finding and liquidating mavericks, debtors and shadowy organizations.

This is gloomy November 2019, the unrest in the streets keeps growing. Manhunter has been given a carte blanche – to find and torture people involved in the unrest, download and collect data found on personal computers and chips. And of course kill everyone who starts riots and is a threat to the Corp. The hunt has just begun… The more data he collects – the more it drives him mad. Now almost every person Manhunter meets is a new victim for him. A new uncontrollable psychotic killer is wandering through the streets among the chaos…

released October 26, 2019

Conception and idea of "Manhunter": MAD Fox, Lex Rif

Music written & produced: Lex Rif

Artwork, visuals & covers: MAD Fox Production


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